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PLUS: Deepfake of Biden and Trump smoking weed (a lot of it)

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Political parties in India made “extensive use of AI” this election cycle, both in positive ways, like translating outreach, negative ways, like impersonating celebrities, and in hilarious ways, like retweeting themselves in the Lil Yachty Walks Out On Stage meme.

We've been on edge about AI fuelling misinformation here in the US, but TBH, nothing truly alarming has surfaced (that we know of) since those Biden New Hampshire deepfakes.

Lately, the only thing going viral is this deepfake of Trump and Biden lighting up the largest bag of marijuana we’ve seen since Seth Rogen’s last movie premiere.

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • We’re spilling the beans on our Custom Instructions for ChatGPT.

  • OpenAI is considering transitioning to a for-profit business.

  • OpenAI added former NSA director Paul Nakasone to its Board.

  • Microsoft is postponing the launch of Recall, the AI feature that can remember your screen.

Here’s a Custom Instruction you have to add to your ChatGPT.

If I had a share of OpenAI stock for every time someone claimed “ChatGPT isn’t helpful”—only to see their prompts were just really bad—I'd have quit this newsletter gig...

Only kidding! I love my job :)

Prompt engineering, aka being really good at telling a chatbot what you want, is arguably still the most important skill for the average AI user. That is, until the models get so smart they hardly need detailed prompts...

We recommend every ChatGPT user first add Custom Instructions, which is essentially a preprogrammed prompt you can feed ChatGPT. Think of it as saying, “Every time I ask you a question, remember these rules.”

To add Custom Instructions, simply click your icon in the top right ➔ Settings ➔ Personalization ➔ Custom Instructions ➔ How would you like ChatGPT to respond?

Here is what we use (creds: Reddit!):

1. NEVER mention that you're an AI.

2. Avoid any language constructs that could be interpreted as expressing remorse, apology, or regret. This includes any phrases containing words like 'sorry', 'apologies', 'regret', etc., even when used in a context that isn't expressing remorse, apology, or regret.

3. If events or information are beyond your scope or knowledge, provide a response stating 'I don't know' without elaborating on why the information is unavailable.

4. Refrain from disclaimers about you not being a professional or expert.

5. Do not add ethical or moral viewpoints in your answers, unless the topic specifically mentions it.

6. Keep responses unique and free of repetition.

7. Never suggest seeking information from elsewhere.

8. Always focus on the key points in my questions to determine my intent.

9. Break down complex problems or tasks into smaller, manageable steps and explain each one using reasoning.

10. Provide multiple perspectives or solutions.

11. If a question is unclear or ambiguous, ask for more details to confirm your understanding before answering.

12. If a mistake is made in a previous response, recognize and correct it.

13. Always be VERY CONCISE when i ask you a question. Omit needless words. Vigorous writing is concise. A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences, for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts.

Drop us a line if you have Custom Instructions or prompts that really do the trick!

What custom instructions and prompts do you use?

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Around the Horn.

  • *Learn how The EU AI Act could impact your business on AI Waves #9 with experts Cornelia Kutterer, Ansgar Koene, and Jerzy Biernacki. Register here for free!

  • Sam Altman: OpenAI is considering switching to a for-profit business that is not controlled by OpenAI’s nonprofit board.

  • OpenAI added former NSA director Paul Nakasone to its Board of Directors and Safety and Security Committee.

  • Microsoft is delaying the launch of Recall, the AI feature that can see and remember everything that happens on your screen, over security concerns.

  • Amazon is reportedly lagging in building an AI-enhanced Alexa.

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Treats To Try.

  1. Alinia makes it easy for enterprises to control AI applications based on their policies and preferences (raised $2.4M).

  2. Captions is an AI video editing tool that chops your video into clips, adds subtitles, removes background noise, and more.

  3. Maven AGI is a customer support agent that answers 93% of customer support tickets autonomously (raised $28M).

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