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No matter how old we get, navigating time zones never ceases to baffle us. Like … this week we’re in Sydney (hit us up, mates!) … which is 15 hours ahead of NYC … where we usually run A/B tests at 5am … meaning we should hit the publish button at … *asks ChatGPT*…

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • ChatGPT-4V can reverse engineer visuals.

  • PwC is teaming up with OpenAI to offer clients tax/legal counsel.

  • 1 in 3 postdocs use AI for tasks like writing, coding, and summarizing academic literature.

  • Baidu's chatbot Ernie just leveled up.

ChatGPT-4V Can Help You Recreate Anything Visual.

We’ve been experimenting with ChatGPT-4V — the version that can “see” — and not only can it understand images but it can write code to replicate them.

You thinkin’ what we’re thinking?

With ChatGPT-4V, you can essentially Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V the world’s top designs, ads, and spreadsheets.

Brace yourselves for the ultimate era of copycats … MEOW!

  • Mckay Wrigley generated code to clone Figma designs and SaaS dashboards.

  • ChatGPT-4V coded Wordle based on a snapshot of the game/instructions.

  • The same guy recreated the calculator app from a single screenshot.

Once you’ve reverse-engineered something, ChatGPT-4V can also tweak parts of it — like shrinking the font, for example.

Why it matters (for you): Think about your profession. Think about the visuals you create. Think about who does that best.

The first way to use ChatGPT-4V is to learn how something works. Upload a pic — be it a chart, design, ad, spreadsheet, or Midjourney image — and break down why it's stellar (A+ prompts to use for this).

Your next steps? Easy-peasy:

  1. You can ask ChatGPT to spit out the code needed to replicate the visual (how-to for Figma designs). We personally used Advanced Data Analysis to duplicate an Excel spreadsheet.

  2. Ask ChatGPT to elevate your visuals based on the golden examples it just dissected (i.e., how can my Black Friday ads shine like Amazon’s?).

The stuff people build with ChatGPT with vision will be jaw-dropping … but the ETA on API availability is still TBD.


Automate Your Trading With Composer's AI Copilot.

Building your own trading algorithms takes time to script, test, and deploy.

  1. Build the strategy with our GPT4 AI assistant to speed up your workflow and a no-code editor.

  2. Backtest against other stocks & ETFs

  3. Start trading automatically with a click of a button.

Composer already has over $1 billion in trading volume (and an active Discord community of 3k+ traders including data scientists, researchers, and engineers).

Use the code NEURON for a 3 week free trial.

PwC Built A Chatbot To Answer Tax & Legal Q’s.

Prediction: every big company will soon have chatbots trained on all the company’s know-how — basically an internal AMA for employees.

Two months back, it was McKinsey. Last month, it was Morgan Stanley. Now, it’s PwC.

The accounting giant partnered with OpenAI to build a chatbot capable of answering tax/legal/HR questions, plus it can do the boring stuff like due diligence and flagging compliance issues.

do you hear that?! did some say … coincidence much?!

Consultancies have been on a cost-cutting spree recently, with PwC itself freezing salary hikes, Deloitte slashing jobs, and KMPG showing 125 folks the door.

PwC pinky-promises this AI won’t cut jobs “in the near-term”, but let’s be real: this is clearly designed to help the team achieve more with less.

RIP to econ nerds eyeing consulting internships this season.

Around The Horn.

  • Join Pete and leaders from OpenAI, Meta, and DAIR.Ai for a discussion on how to prepare for AI in 2024.

  • Baidu released an upgraded version of its chatbot Ernie.

  • Microsoft released new tooling to detect harmful/inappropriate content based on your policies.

  • NYC released a plan for responsible AI use among city agencies.

Wednesday Wirings.

  1. Reality Defender, an AI deepfakes detection startup, raised $15M.

  2. Conveyor, which automates customer security reviews using GPT, raised $12.5M.

  3. Anysphere, a startup building an AI-native code editor called Cursor, raised $8M.

  4. Riffusion, an AI tool that generates music, raised $4M.

  5. Layer, which helps enterprises launch AI copilots, raised $3M.

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

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