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PLUS: this Tucker/Putin lipsync is *extremely* jarring

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We had a slight mix-up in yesterday's edition, mistakenly writing "hint: everyone except us" instead of "hint: us" regarding those who missed investing in Nvidia.

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At least you know we’re real humans behind this newsletter and not ChatGPT (we won’t name names)…

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • Businesses are on the fence about Microsoft Copilot.

  • We're spotlighting some standout AI audio tools.

  • Slack is rolling out features to summarize threads/missed messages.

  • Andrej Karpathy, a leading OpenAI researcher, has parted ways with the company.

Businesses wonder if Microsoft’s AI feautres are worth it…

One telltale for whether AI is actually useful is how many of Microsoft’s 300M users pay for Copilot’s new AI features (see our guidance on Copilot here).

The answer: there’s demand, but outcomes are mixed.

Sure, some firms cite “tremendous efficiency gains”, but others say glitches in PowerPoint and Excel don’t justify an extra $30/mo./user.

One business noticed a 20% drop in employees using most Copilot features after a month…prompting Microsoft to step up its game in promoting Copilot's benefits through alerts and tips.

(side note: the economy’s emphasis on cost-cutting could swing either way for Copilot, depending on its cost-saving potential).

One area where Copilot thrives?

Meeting transcriptions.


Microsoft Teams users now have access to meeting summaries, whether they're late or miss the meeting entirely, saving them about 30 minutes per meeting, Microsoft claims.

This doesn't quite apply to us since in a two-person team, if one skips, there literally is no meeting, LOL.

If you don’t have Microsoft Teams, we recommend Otter AI for meetings. Beyond the obvious summarization/transcription features, they’ve introduced a new “Otter AI Chat” feature that lets you ask any question about a past meeting:



Drive AI transformation without freaking people out.

When it comes to AI, there’s a divide:

  1. 65% of US workers fear that AI will take their jobs away.

  2. Meanwhile, corporate execs are overwhelmingly optimistic about AI.

A.Team wants to bridge this gap.

On Feb 28, A.Team is hosting an elite panel of CxOs, from companies like X, Instagram, Pepsi-co, and Prudential. They’ll reveal how to leverage AI to make your teams, culture, and organization stronger—all without freaking out your employees.

The future of AI is voice.

Why type something to an AI when you can say it? It sounds straightforward, yet historically, AI's "listening" skills have been less than stellar, ahem, ahem, Siri.

We've recently witnessed some jaw-dropping AI audio demos hinting that voice may become more important soon.

Take the ElevenLabs GPT, for instance, which can morph any text into spoken words—be it stories or pitches.

And vice versa, we've stumbled upon a nifty free notes app that records your words and delivers a transcript, summary, and action points.


But it’s not just text and audio getting down and dirty anymore.

ElevenLabs is one of those platforms that turns audio into new audio. Its latest feature, Voice Actors, trains the AI with just 30 minutes of your voice, empowering it to replicate anything in your tone.

Imagine the possibilities at their wildest:

And just when you think you've seen it all, we find a perfectly translated and lip-synced rendition of Tucker's insane interview with Putin.

The only thing more jarring than listening to Putin speak Russian is listening to Putin speak (synthetic) English…

Around the Horn.

  • Slack is launching AI features for Enterprises that summarize threads & lengthy messages.

  • Andrej Karpathy, a top OpenAI researcher, has exited the company.

  • UPenn is rolling out the first Ivy League undergrad degree in AI.

  • Gemini’s mobile app will start rolling out outside the US.

Thursday Trivia.

According to Nike, one incredible feature of AI is that it can generate “an unlimited number of designs without using nor wasting any physical materials”.

One glance, everyone knows the rules: one of these Nikes was designed with the help of AI, and one is an experimental pair of Air Forces.

Which is which?



A Cat's Commentary.

Just the two of us 🎵
We can make it if we try 🎵

Trivia Answer: A is real and B is AI!

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