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PLUS: KPMG's huge $2 billion AI bet

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Here’s what’s going on in AI today:

  • Anthropic released Claude v2, ChatGPT’s biggest competitor yet.

  • KPMG is investing $2 billion into AI solutions over five years.

  • Nvidia has an 80% share of the AI chip market.

  • Shutterstock is providing OpenAI with training data.

Claude v2 Is ChatGPT’s Biggest Rival Yet 🥊

Anthropic launched Claude v2 yesterday in the US and UK, and it’s by far the closest competitor we’ve seen to ChatGPT.

In a sentence: It trails ChatGPT a bit, but it’s similar in coding, has fresher training data (circa early 2023) and supports more context.

By more context, we mean wayyy more: 75,000 WORDS! This means you feed it lengthy documents, reports and PDFs and get summaries in seconds. Plus its API for the job is 4-5x cheaper.

Claude is trained on a “constitution” (read: rulebook), so it’s less likely to generate dangerous or harmful content.

Why it matters: Even with a catchier name, Claude has gotten way less buzz than ChatGPT. But it’s #2 in our world and leveling up fast. The context window is a massive plus (though it’s unclear just how good it is at retention).

Try Claude v2 (use Poe if you’re outside the US/UK) and let us know how it measures up!


These everyday investors are profiting from a $45 million Banksy collection

Yes, that's right THE Banksy. We know it sounds too good to be true but this investment platform's users are already benefiting. It's all made possible by Masterworks, who last sold a multi-million dollar Banksy on behalf of everyday investors for a 32% net gain.

And that's just one of their sales – Masterworks has completed 13 exits, all of them profitable, with 3 recent sales delivering net annualized returns of 17.8%, 21.5% and 35% to investors. 

How does it work? Simple, Masterworks does all of the heavy lifting like finding the painting, buying it, and storing it. It files each offering with the SEC so that nearly anyone can invest in highly coveted artworks for just a fraction of the price.

Shares of every offering are limited, but The Neuron readers can skip the waitlist with this exclusive link.

See important disclosures at masterworks.com/cd

KPMG Is Investing $2 Billion Into Accounting AI 🧾

KPMG, the Big Four accounting firm that hates work-life balance, is partnering with Microsoft to invest $2 billion into AI.

Its goal: turn $2 billion into $12 billion over the next five years. Where can we invest?!

With its early-bird ticket to Microsoft 365 Copilot, KPMG plans to automate its consulting services make employees more efficient help other businesses adopt AI.

They’re not the first in this “we-master-it-then-we-show-you-how” strategy. PwC rolled out a similar billion dollar AI blueprint in April.

KPMG assures us no layoffs will be required during this transition, but we’re dubious given the company laid off 2,000 employees barely a month ago.

Why it matters: Consultants are gearing up to win big time advising companies on how to navigate AI. But first, they’ll have to learn the ropes themselves.

Around the Horn 🦄

  • Shutterstock is licensing it’s image/video/music data to OpenAI in exchange for VIP access to its latest tech.

  • Nvidia has an estimated 80% grip of the AI chip market (WSJ).

  • Baichuan, one of China’s most promising language models, was released today.

  • GPT-4 cost an estimated $63 million to train and runs on a cluster of 128 GPUs, according to leaks.

  • Beehiiv, our newsletter software, launched AI art and writing features inside its editor.

  • Join us tomorrow for a panel on The AI-Powered Team - how roles and team dynamics change, what jobs will be created!

Wednesday Wirings 💸

  • Sapphire Ventures is planning to invest >$1 billion in enterprise AI startups.

  • Good Capital launched a $50 million fund for AI startups.

  • Prolific, which stress-tests AI models, raised $32 million.

  • Slang, an AI phone-answering service, raised $20 million.

  • Immersive Fox, a software for producing videos of your face, raised $3.3 million.

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

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