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The pace of AI so far in 2024 is relentless, with the releases of Sora, Gemini 1.5 Pro, AND Claude 3 all happening within a month. Spoiler alert: it only escalates from here.

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Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • Claude 3 reviews continue to impress.

  • We show you how to replicate any writing style/voice with Claude 3.

  • Perplexity is on track to secure more funding at a $1B valuation.

  • This week’s #Neuron spotlight is truly stellar.

Here’s how we’re using Claude 3 to write better.

We’ve been immersed in Claude for the past 24 hrs and two things are crystal clear:

  1. Claude 3 Opus is as good as ChatGPT-4, if not better.

  2. For those on the free ChatGPT, you should immediately switch to the free Claude Sonnet—it’s the best free chatbot on the market.

Claude 3 has two notable superpowers.

First, its grasp of scientific and research knowledge is like your smartest PhD friends x10:

Second, its writing talent is unmatched.

It’s the most concise, human-feeling, and creative AI yet, making it great for creative writing tasks like poems and jokes (kinda), and to learn from.

Perhaps most importantly, it’s really fricken good at emulating writing styles and voices.

stay tuned for a tutorial on this, right after a brief announcement…


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This AI tool is an absolute dream to use. No, like, it’s literally called DreamFactory.

But it’s true: DreamFactory makes business feel like a dream—it's a platform that lets you "talk" with your business data via advanced APIs (code that translates your data to the AI).

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How to write anything with Claude 3.

Claude can help you mimic any writing style, whether it's emails, blogs, memos, 1-pagers, scripts, or press releases.

Here’s how:

  1. Feed Claude 5+ samples of your writing (it's great at learning from examples).

  2. Have Claude break down the vibes of your samples.

  3. Lay out what you want—be it an outline, a rough first go, or some content needing a makeover.

Use this prompt idea from our buddy Ben—just remember to feed Claude multiple samples and tag them (i.e., for each sample, put “<example>” at the beginning and “</example>” at the end):

We’ll personally be writing [wedding speeches] in the style of [Eminem’s rap battles] with a dash of [Sir David Attenborough’s eloquence].

Other golden rules for writing with Claude:

  • Review and edit any generated content for errors.

  • Provide feedback to Claude for revisions and incorporate this into new prompts.

  • In general, Claude shines at:

    • Summarizing long-form content into concise snippets.

    • Rephrasing or simplifying complex language.

    • Adapting to different languages and dialects.

Around the Horn.

  • The secret instructions Anthropic gave Claude on how to behave.

  • Claude 3 beat GPT-4 and Gemini 1.5 Pro in a series of coding tests.

  • Perplexity is raising more money at a $1B valuation, 2x its last round.

  • Google is working to root out spammy, AI-generated Google Search results.

  • AI job postings on Indeed are booming, while demand for data analysts and software engineers takes a dip.

  • OpenAI posted emails aiming to defuse some of Elon’s lawsuit.

Wednesday Wirings.

  1. MiniMax, a Chinese AI startup, raised $600M from backers like Alibaba.

  2. Baseten, a way to run machine learning workloads, secured $40M.

  3. Ema, a “universal AI employee”, raised $25M.

  4. Haiper AI, an AI video generator, raised $13.8M.

  5. Rasberry AI, an AI fashion designer, raised $4.5M.

  6. Particle News, an AI-curated news app, raised $4.4M.

A Cat's Commentary.

Where do you #Neuron?

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Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Ken, VR in the Pacific NW

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