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Ex-OpenAI-board member Helen Toner said they didn’t fire Sam “to slow down OpenAI’s work” and Sam pleaded the 5th when asked what happened. We haven’t wanted the real truth so badly since seeing that *most definitely* white and gold dress back in ‘15.

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • ChatGPT Classic allows access to the original GPT-4.

  • >50% of employees using AI are doing so without formal approval.

  • In the UK, Snap's My AI ranks as the top AI choice for kids.

  • Stability’s CEO said they haven’t reached out to acquirers.

People say ChatGPT is getting lazier. Here are workarounds:

only on Reddit…

There’s been a lot of chatter recently about how ChatGPT-4 being dumber and lazier than it used to be (like here, here, and here).

The biggest frustration is that ChatGPT-4 simply refuses to answer more prompts—we’ve noticed this trend too. It’s a case of senior(AI)tis, if you will.

Logan from OpenAI said that OpenAI is “working hard to address this”.

Reddit has (way too many) theories as to why this is happening, but one popular one is that OpenAI might be limiting responses to cut down on daily compute costs, which total $694K according to one estimate.

In the meantime, if you’re seeing more “no’s” from ChatGPT than usual, here are some useful workarounds:

1. Use ChatGPT Classic: it’s the OG version of GPT-4 with no additional updates, ironically released by OpenAI themselves.

2. Engaging ChatGPT’s “emotions” seems to improve response rates. Stuff like being polite, showing empathy, and emphasizing the importance of what you’re trying to do.

3. For those using OpenAI’s APIs, lowering the 'temperature' setting can help keep ChatGPT focused.


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Employees are using AI secretly at work.

a meme we made back in the day LOL

Dear bosses, we recommend you sit down and take a deep breath.

A recent Salesforce study found that over half of workers using AI at work are doing so without formal approval from you, their employer.

*take a second deep breath*

  • 55% have used unapproved AI tools at work.

  • 40% have used banned AI tools at work.

  • 64% have passed off AI work as their own.

The underlying reason? A mix of fear over potential reprimand or, worse, being replaced by AI.

Our advice to organizations:

  1. Don’t ban AI.

  2. Educate on AI Use: Provide your team with the training to use AI tools responsibly and establish clear guidelines on acceptable AI usage.

  3. Foster an AI-inclusive culture: Encourage and reward employees who use AI and share their learnings with the company.

Around the Horn.

  • Stability AI CEO Emad Mostaque said the company has “never reached out to anyone to be acquired”.

  • Check out this dope “Animate Anyone” AI that animates still images!

  • How to add custom GPTs to any website in minutes.

  • Snap’s My AI chatbot is the most widely used AI tool by 7-to 17-year-olds in the UK.

Intelligent Insights.

The world can sometimes feel depressing these days. Here are some uplifting stories to brighten your weekend:

  1. AI boosts breast cancer detection rates, new research shows (link).

  2. 500 chatbots read the news and discussed it on social media. Guess how that went (link).

  3. Google AI and robots join forces to build new materials (link).

  4. How AI will upend the customer service industry (link).

Friday Faculty.

  1. 10+ engineering and research positions at Together AI (SF).

  2. Product/Growth, Community, & more at Pika (SF).

  3. Growth Designer at HeyGen (LA/remote).

  4. 100+ open roles at OpenAI (SF/remote).

  5. 5 engineering jobs at xAI (SF/Palo Alto).

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