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PLUS: two tricks to write better using AI!

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Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • The US might limit the export of proprietary models like GPT-4 to China.

  • We share three prompts to make ChatGPT writing sound less robotic.

  • TikTok will now mark all AI-generated content on its platform.

  • We round up our 7 favorite articles from the week!

On yesterday’s podcast: the absolutely wild results from an AI hospital simulation (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube).

The US holds a big lead over China in the AI race.

We haven’t talked about Chinese AI in a while cause, frankly, there’s just not that much to talk about.

China has fallen far behind the pace of AI innovation in the US, and this is by no accident.

  • Last fall, The Biden admin announced major restrictions on China’s ability to import advanced computer chips that power advanced AI from US firms like Nvidia and AMD.

  • Yesterday, Reuters reported that the Commerce Department is considering further restrictions on exporting proprietary or closed-source models (like GPT-4, Claude 3) to China.

  • Even the head of Saudi Arabia’s $100B AI fund said it would pull out of China if the US asked it to.

The message from the US is clear: China will not get its hands on our AI.

And yeah, it’s working. China’s top public model, Qwen-Max, is barely in the top 10 on LMSYS’s Chatbot Leaderboard.

  • Chinese researchers said they are “five to ten years behind their US counterparts.”

  • Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, notes that the US is 2-3 years ahead of China (and that Europe is too busy regulating to be relevant).

There is a silver lining: Alibaba Cloud announced yesterday that its latest Qwen chatbot has 90,000+ users and Baidu announced last month that its Ernie chatbot doubled its users to over 200M.


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Two tricks to make AI writing faster and sharper.

Getting AI to write content that doesn’t sound like AI is one of the biggest hurdles with tools like ChatGPT and Claude.

A few weeks back, we shared some useful tips on how to avoid sounding like ChatGPT, including instructing Memory to avoid tell-tale AI phrases—read more here.

Yesterday, we found 3 ChatGPT prompts on Reddit that help tailor ChatGPT’s output to sound more like your natural writing style when you're at your best.

To be clear, we’re not telling you to misuse these prompts for things that shouldn’t be written by ChatGPT.

Here they are (click the images to copy and paste the specific prompts):

Another great resource: HyperWrite’s Personas feature allows you to train an AI to mimic your writing style by uploading relevant background info, data, and examples. It’s similar to ChatGPT Custom Instructions, with expertise in writing.

We also highly recommend HyperWrite’s other writing bots. They’re like GPTs in that they’re trained to be good at specific tasks, yet the UX feels more like filling out a form.

Try them out for free here:

Around the Horn.

  • A leaked OpenAI document revealed how the company structures licensing deals with media companies. (OpenAI “disputes the accuracy” of the leaks).

  • TikTok will start labeling any AI-generated content uploaded on its platform.

  • Roughly half of the top 20 education apps on the App Store are AI apps that do or help with homework.

  • Mistral AI is close to raising a new round at a $6B valuation.

Treats To Try.

  1. DataLab pulls insights from your data in CSV files, GSheets, Snowflake, and BigQuery.

  2. Ellipsis is an AI devtool that reviews pull requests and converts GitHub comments into working, tested code.

  3. VoiceCheap translates and dubs videos into 30 languages.

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  5. Arc’s AI-powered browser is now available on Mac and Windows 11.

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Intelligent Insights.

  • ElevenLabs is building an army of voice clones (link).

  • From Baby Talk to Baby A.I. (link).

  • The teens making friends with AI chatbots (link).

  • The Smartest Way to Use AI at Work (link).

  • How LLMs Work, Explained Without Math (link).

  • Google’s Sundar Pichai Lays Out His AI Roadmap (link).

  • How I use GPT at work as a dev to be 10x (link).

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