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PLUS: Is this Elon picture real?!

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Here’s what’s going on in the world of AI today:

  • China 🇨🇳 vs. US 🇺🇸 (in AI)

  • Microsoft integrates Bing into Windows 11 🧑‍💻

  • Which Elon portrait is fake? 🚗

  • A Google Sheets plugin 🗂

China's AI Approach 🇨🇳

At The Neuron, AI is our favorite game, and when the world's fiercest rivals face off, we can't resist buying tickets.

The US vs. China AI battle is heating up. Unlike its free-market counterpart, China employs a rigid state-controlled approach to mastering technologies, which includes AI.

In the past month, Chinese regulators have cracked down on access to ChatGPT, much like it previously banned Facebook and Google.

(Note: ChatGPT technically does not allow Chinese users. But they were using VPNs and buying Indian/Brazilian phone numbers - those are the cheapest - to get through.)

Instead, the CCP wants its own version, with top tech companies like Alibaba, JD, and Tencent scrambling to build their own ChatGPT. China's star search engine, Baidu, is leading the pack.

  • But here's catch #1: China regulates everything posted on the internet, so the CCP will have to watch Baidu's chatbot Ernie very closely to make sure it follows the "narrative".

  • And catch #2: There's a chance the heavy censorship causes any Chinese chatbot to be less powerful. Bad data in, bad robot out.

“Even if Baidu launches Ernie Bot as promised, chances are high it will quickly be suspended. There will simply be too much moderation to do.”

Xu Liang, Lead Developer at YuanYu Intelligence

Why it matters: Though it may only be the first inning, the sudden race in generative AI appears to be exposing a big weakness in Chinese policy.

US, 1. China, 0.

Microsoft Brings Bing to Windows 11 🪟

Wake up, babe! New Microsoft update just dropped ... and it's a banger!

The company revealed that Bing's AI-powered search would be embedded into the Windows 11 taskbar. It's the latest in Microsoft's attempt to imbue AI into every part of your workflow.

  • Windows today: Microsoft advertised that soon "hundreds of millions of Windows 11 users can ... search, chat, answer questions and generate content from right on their Windows taskbar.”

  • Office apps tomorrow: While Windows is first, Microsoft has plans to integrate ChatGPT powers into other Office applications soon.

Microsoft may have spent the last decade losing desktop market share to Mac, but integrating AI into every aspect of its operations may be the key to regaining its dominance.

Maybe AI is the vaccine to Windows' chronic bug pandemic. 

Smarter Than a Robot? 🤖

We'll never know if Elon Musk is a robot, but could you tell if a robot made Elon Musk?

Below are two portraits of Elon Musk. 1 was painted by Suzann Sines, an artist. 1 was painted by Midjourney, generative AI. 

Which is which?!



(keep reading to see if you're correct)

Around the Horn 🦄

  • Here's what happened when Bloomberg asked ChatGPT to build an ETF that would outperform the stock market.

  • Typeface, an AI startup that creates personalized marketing copy and images, raised $65 million from Lightspeed, Google, Microsoft, and Venlo Ventures.

  • An Amazon driver overviews the company's intense AI surveillance program for workers on the job.

  • Doctors are using AI to help diagnose conditions for patients before they spread.

Treats To Try 🍿

  • Numerous integrates ChatGPT into Google Sheets to help you answer questions, format cells, and build formulas.

  • Use AI to create custom beats in any tempo, key, or mood with Lemonaid.

  • Pim Eyes is a face search engine that lets you upload a photo of a person and see every image of that person that exists on the internet.

  • Build your own AI question & answer with any content in minutes using AskAI.

  • Goldie: An AI co-pilot for salespeople.

  • Poised: An AI coach that gives you live feedback on your speaking style.

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