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A viral AI deepfake featuring Tom Hanks in a dental ad is making the rounds. Objectively not a good thing, but we can't help but chuckle at the thought: "Life is like a box of chocolates. You always know what you're gonna get: CAVITIES!"

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • ChatGPT-4v has dozens of incredible use cases.

  • ChatGPT is helping us test/validate ideas.

  • Jamie Dimon says AI will be part of “every process.”

  • Spotify might be developing a text-to-playlist feature.

ChatGPT-4 With Vision Has Some Exceptional Use Cases.

ChatGPT could survive a dinner party

ChatGPT has been rolling out features left and right, but not all are created equal.

For instance, the "Web Browsing" feature gets a B- for its inconsistent ability to locate relevant/accurate info. In contrast, ChatGPT-4 with "vision" earns an A+ for its incredibly practical real-world applications.

A new paper showed what ChatGPT with “vision” can do, and let's just say, it nearly made us choke on our almond milk lattes:

  • Identified manufacturing defects like holes.

  • Producing radiology-style reports for medical scans.

  • Assessing vehicle damage through photos.

The list goes on and on — seriously, the paper spans 166 pages.

Yes, ChatGPT-4v has its moments of error, but it marks the advent of a truly visual AI assistant rather than one that goes in blind. (Speaking of, check out this remarkable GPT-4-powered app designed for the visually impaired).

Here’s our advice: Start playing around with these vision features in Bing Chat — or ChatGPT-4 if you pay for it — and discover where they can be helpful in your workflow.

We're personally using it to decipher complex diagrams and visuals (inspired by this vid of ChatGPT explaining a diagram of a human cell). If only we had this kind of tech back in the AP Bio days…


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ChatGPT Can Be Your Go-To For Validating Ideas & Concepts

One standout feature of ChatGPT is its ability to act like the sharpest mind from any POV, making it a valuable tool for vetting new ideas.

(We've delved deep into this in our AI course with Nas Academy).

AI shines in brainstorming in two specific ways:

  1. Emulating a customer of a particular background (e.g., CVS pharmacist).

  2. Acting as a top-tier business coach (prompt to use for startup advice).

For the first, you’ll want to ask ChatGPT to simulate a persona and ask standard interview questions like:

  • What are your key motivations and challenges regarding [problem]?

  • Which solutions have you tried before, and why did they fall short?

  • Are there other factors we should consider in our proposal?

Check out this piece for more ideas on using AI in entrepreneurship.

Around the Horn.

  • How to run Mistral-7B (a new powerful open-source model) on your laptop.

  • Q4 sponsorship slots are quickly filling up. Go secure your spot and reach 155,000+ professionals now!

  • Spotify may be working on a text-to-playlist feature.

  • Visa plans to invest $100M in generative AI companies with a commerce/payments focus.

Treat To Try.

Nox is another one of those AI wearables that listens to your life, can recall what you said, and take action for you.

Our friend Molly gave us the scoop six months ago, and now she's kicking off its beta launch.

She describes it as a "real-life second brain." Take a look at the demo here.

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

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A common theme: people read ChatGPT for work tasks, but sometimes listening is helpful for everyday questions.

We ran this poll a few months back, but let us know which version of ChatGPT you're using so we know where you’re at.

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