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PLUS: There are two types of chatbots in this world...

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Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • ChatGPT can surf the internet again!

  • Meta is launching personality chatbots in WhatsApp, IG, & Messenger.

  • Mistral released an open-source model that beats Llama 2.

  • Sam Altman & Jony Ive might collab on an AI hardware product.

The Noise/Signal On ChatGPT.

OpenAI has been a machine this week. First launching vision/speech. Then talks of a $90B valuation. Now, reintroducing ChatGPT with internet access.

Twitter gives you noise; we give you signal:

Decent: ChatGPT with internet access.

This ain’t new. OpenAI had to disable ChatGPT's web browsing feature in July ‘cause people were using it to access paywalled/private content.

While we’ve seen it before, it’s still useful. Asking it to check the Internet before it does anything is *muah* chef’s kiss for keeping its output relevant.

Crazy: ChatGPT-4 with Vision.

What's amazing here isn't just that ChatGPT can understand visuals; it's that it can understand and replicate them.

  • One person fed ChatGPT a screenshot of a SaaS dashboard, and then it wrote code to recreate the UX.

  • Another turned Figma designs into React components.

  • Brex’s AI lead converted an image into a live website in under a minute.

This is mind-blowing. Now, anyone can virtually recreate their favorite [design/UX/interface/website/image] just by feeding it to ChatGPT. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When you get access, try it yourself by pasting an image and using a version of this prompt (creds):

“Recreate this UI with credible details, DO NOT skip anything. Write all the code in one HTML file and use tailwind css for styling. Make sure you get the layout correctly. Use images from Unsplash for the images. Take a deep breath and think step by step.”


All The Best AI Models In One Place.

Tired: cheap wrappers around GPT-3.5.

Wired: building super-products by combining top-tier models like Llama 2 and ControlNet.

Inspired: scaling to millions of users headache-free on an all-in-one platform.

Like, check out this sick demo that integrates CLIP, Llama 2, and Stable Diffusion XL to generate stunning images with a single prompt/selection style.

Our friends at OctoML are THE place where elite developers are building with AI.

They’re offering The Neuron readers 25 free GPU hours; kickstart your new app today!

Meta Wants Chatbots To Be A Part Of Social Media.

Welcome to Meta AI. 

It's Zuck's ChatGPT-inspired AI for social media, and it’s coming to all our go-to apps: WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger.

It’s more … GenZ??? Meta's AI can generate stickers and images, and communicates with “personality”, whatever that means. Giving major “Snap My AI” vibes.

Well, you get multiple personalities. Alongside the primary chatbot, Meta is rolling out 28 celebrity chatbots that “talk” like Mr. Beast, Kendall Jenner, Snoop Dogg, and others.

Here’s our take: there are two types of chatbots in this world:

  1. Work chatbots.

  2. Personal chatbots.

Meta AI falls in the personal bucket, which is why it’s prioritizing bots with personality (& letting businesses craft custom chatbots in AI Studio).

And yeah — GenZ loves talking with character.ai chatbots, so they’ll probably eat this up too.

Our advice? Maybe don't quiz the Snoop Dogg bot on discounted cash flow just yet.

Around the Horn.

  • Update: The WGA’s agreement with Hollywood bans AI from being used to “write or rewrite scripts” — though individuals can personally use AI.

  • Sam Altman and Jony Ive (designer of the iPhone) are discussing a potential collab on an AI hardware device.

  • Semafor Technology is an amazing newsletter we read to keep up with the future of tech/AI.

  • Cloudflare launched new tools to let users launch and run AI models.

Treat To Try.

Yo Zuck, Mistral just said hold my beer!

The French AI startup fresh off a $113 million seed round just released a 7B open-source model that allegedly outperforms Llama 2 on all benchmarks.

See what the chatter is about here and then go test it on HuggingFace!

Thursday Trivia.

My uncle infamously calls motorcycles “donor-cycles”. He’s not wrong, but we can’t deny they’re a sick way to get ‘round town.

One glance, everyone knows the rules: one is AI and one is real.

Which is which?



A Cat's Commentary.

Trivia answer: A is real and B is AI!

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