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PLUS: the crazy reason Nvidia employees are retiring!

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A California Court already dismissed 4/6 copyright claims by Sarah Silverman and other authors against OpenAI. It did confirm that OpenAI used their copyrighted work for profit. Score: OpenAI 1, authors 0.

A piece of good news for Sarah & co: We asked ChatGPT to “tell a joke in the style of Sarah Silverman” and it was bad. Like fake-a-smile-and-look-for-the-nearest-exit bad.

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • ChatGPT introduced a new feature aimed at enhancing memory.

  • Nvidia unveiled a chatbot that runs locally on your PC.

  • Stability AI rolled out Stable Cascade, a fresh text-to-image model.

  • Many Microsoft Teams users are skeptical of Copilot’s value-add.

OpenAI is testing a feature that improves ChatGPT’s memory.

ChatGPT has a mild case of dementia: it often experiences memory lapses, causing users to repeat instructions (“e.g. keep my emails formal.”).

Last July, OpenAI launched custom instructions, giving ChatGPT permanent instructions to follow (here’s our guidance).

Now, it’s exploring upgraded memory: tell ChatGPT explicitly to remember something and it’ll try extra hard not to forget.

Although we view this as a mostly stopgap measure, it gets us one step closer to personalized AI assistants that remember everything, and I mean *everything* about us.

In the meantime, here’s how to take advantage of it (if you have access):

1: Navigate to Settings → Personalization → Memory → Manage.

2: Enter any details you wish ChatGPT to remember, such as:

  • Past employment, current skills, and ambitions.

  • Key elements typically included in your emails.

  • Your preferred tone, voice, and style of writing.

  • Jargon specific to your profession.

  • Tools frequently utilized in project management or software.

3: When mid-convo, just say “remember this”


For the privacy paranoid, rest assured that you can disable memory features at any time, instruct ChatGPT to "forget" something, or opt for a temporary chat session that doesn't contribute to OpenAI's training data.

"Hey ChatGPT, don't forget my boss is a huge fan of the Oxford comma." — Ollie the cat.


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Nvidia launched a chatbot for your PC.

Nvidia is the premier chip marker for AI apps, and its stock has gone up so much this year that many employees are semi-retiring from becoming so wealthy.

Now, Nvidia is shipping its own AI app: Chat with RTX.

It’s essentially a customizable ChatGPT-like chatbot that connects to your work docs, notes, and data (peep The Verge’s full review), much like Microsoft’s angle with Windows Copilot.

Unlike ChatGPT, RTX *doesn’t* remember context, but it is a local LLM, which means it doesn't require an internet connection.

Of course, you’ll need a Windows PC equipped with Nvidia’s RTX 30- or 40-series GPUs with at least 8GB of VRAM, but who doesn’t have the cash for that after Nvidia’s 214% annual stock market returns?!

(hint: us).

Around the Horn.

new text-to-image model from Stability!

  • Microsoft Copilot hasn't exactly wowed customers, except for its meeting transcription abilities in Teams.

  • ElevenLabs launched Voice Actors, a feature allowing users to train an AI with 30 minutes of their voice recordings and earn royalties.

  • Tech/AI companies agreed to an “accord” to curb misleading AI-generated political content.

  • Arm, the UK-based chip designer, has seen its stock price nearly double in the past week, fueled by AI demand.

  • A solid head-to-head of Gemini Advanced and GPT-4-Turbo.

Wednesday Wirings.

  1. Sierra, an AI agents startup co-founded by former Salesforce co-CEO Bret Taylor and ex-Google VP Clay Bavor, raised $110M.

  2. Klaus, an AI platform that aids customer service agents, was acquired by Zendesk for an undisclosed amount.

  3. Xensam, an AI platform that monitors software usage, raised $40M.

  4. Marqo, an AI that powers unstructured data searches, raised $12.5M.

  5. Swiss VC firm Founderful is raising $120M to invest in Swiss AI & tech startups.

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Spotlight on this week’s #neuron champ: Just cause we’re cat people, it doesn’t mean we don’t adore dogs too!

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