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PLUS: AI detectors are biased against...

Welcome, humans.

A reminder: not every new incredible technology can be classified AI. Only the ones that make you go, “oh, sh*t!”

Here’s what’s going on in the world of AI today:

  • AI detectors are against non-English speakers.

  • ChatGPT is quicker but more error-prone than Google Search.

  • TSMC crushed earnings amid demand for AI chips.

  • Axel Springer is building an AI team.

AI Detectors Can Be Flat Out Wrong (& Biased) 😾

It’s he said, she AI said.

Deciphering whether text is AI-generated or human-generated is getting hard. Enter: AI detectors. Teachers love ‘em. Students hate ‘em.

Our stance? We just think they’re flat out ineffective.

Turnitin, the one technology GenZ actually hates, reported a “higher incidence of false positives” two months after launching its AI detector.

And according to new research, false positives are even more common in writing authored by non-native English speakers. Why?

GPT detectors try to find common words. Non-native English speakers tend to opt for simpler word choices.

Why it matters: AI will soon outsmart any detector (GPT-4 is pretty much there).

We think the answer lies in evolving how we assess people (i.e., it might be time we return to the good ‘ol days of hand-written applications and face-to-face interviews).


Hire A Superteam To Build Products Leveraging AI 🦸

The hard truth is: if your team isn’t already using AI, you’re probably falling behind.

Finding individuals proficient in AI is toughhh. That’s why we love AE Studio.

Unlike most consultants, they know their sh*t when it comes to creating machine learning solutions in business. Their product studio offers:

  • Software developers that build tech-heavy web & mobile apps.

  • PhDs that know how cutting-edge tech will solve your business problems.

  • Product designers that’ll make your product look way better (sorry)!

Here’s what one cofounder said about AE:

“Our app has received internal and external praise for its speed, efficiency, cleanliness of code, QA, and aesthetic. AE’s dedication and efficient project management has led our app to a 46% retention rate with consumers….”

ChatGPT vs. Google: Which Is Better For Search? 🔎

Everyone keeps asking us: should we forget Google for ChatGPT?

Our answer: use ChatGPT for most things.

And we’ve got the numbers to back us up. Researchers had one group search for information via 1/ ChatGPT and the other via 2/ Google Search. The group that used ChatGPT reported:

  • finding information 39% quicker.

  • answers more helpful.

  • a better overall user experience.

This isn’t news for most: ChatGPT summarizes what we need to know versus sending us scouring the internet for answers (ahem, Google).

But there is one issue: ChatGPT isn’t always right. It doesn’t bother with fact-checks, citations, and flagging errors in prompts.

If 100% accuracy is a concern, check out Perplexity AI. It’s like ChatGPT made for searching the internet. This means you’ll see citations for every query.

You can also use ChatGPT and Google Search side-by-side in the same browser by following this guide.

Around the Horn 🦄

  • TSMC beat earnings yesterday as demand for AI chips booms.

  • Cloud providers are racing to build the computing power required to run large AI applications.

  • Axel Springer formed a global team to identify ways it can leverage generative AI in its business.

  • A research paper found that smaller models are better at learning math if they're given well-structured data & step-by-step results.

Treats To Try 🍿

  • Coframe is an AI assistant that operates and self-improves your website 24/7.

  • Danswer is an open-source solution to answering questions across all your internal docs.

  • DragGan lets you completely manipulate photos via point-and-drag controls.

  • AskAI can answer questions about your content/docs in Slack and Teams.

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

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