😺 ChatGPT vs. Bing for research

PLUS: the scoop on an unfolding Silicon Valley thriller

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So FTX owns over $500 million in Anthropic shares. SBF really was the Genghis Khan of Silicon Valley…

Here’s what’s going on in AI today:

  • We put ChatGPT and Bing Chat against eachother for research.

  • Stability AI raised a convertible note at a $4 billion valuation.

  • The US is considering restrictions on AI chip exports to China.

  • People can’t tell GPT tweets from human tweets…

ChatGPT vs. Bing Chat: The Better Tool For Research 🔍

If you’re not using AI to automate research, well, you should be.

We’ve saved countless hours on research every week thanks to our dynamic duo: ChatGPT and Bing Chat (hardly use Google these days).

The two are like fraternal twins: they have the same foundation (GPT-4), but different characteristics.

ChatGPT is better for some things. Bing is better for others. Sometimes we enlist both.

Here’s a handy chart if you’re pressed for time:

Generally, use ChatGPT when you need to dive deep into an industry or topic. It supports more in-depth answers and follow-up questions.

It’s the best option for when you’re beginning your research process.

Bing is better when you need real-time information and citations ASAP.* Ideal for those in industries like finance or journalism who need to keep their fingers on the pulse. Plus, it’s free.

*yes, ChatGPT supports Bing’s browsing plugin, but between us, it kinda sucks.

We pitted ChatGPT and Bing head-to-head for three different industries - check out the full tutorial here.

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Healthcare Data Privacy Reinvented With AI 📩

To climb that career ladder, now is the time to grasp how AI is transforming different sectors.

One area that barely anyone is talking about: healthcare. A realm abundant in data yet starved of privacy. Mark your calendar for July 19th:

We’re joining Gretel’s fireside chat with Senior Applied Scientist Lipka Ramaswamy to discuss how synthetic data (AI-generated data) can help anonymize your confidential healthcare data - like that secret Covid test you took way back when…

Is Anyone Paying Attention To Stability AI…? 👀


Nothing piques our interest like a juicy SIlicon Valley rollercoaster. FTX, Uber, Theranos, to name a few…

Enter Stability AI, the brainchild behind Stable Diffusion. Here’s the tea:

In April, Semafor dropped a piece hinting that Stability burned through $100 million in cash and was struggling to raise money at a $4 billion valuation (CEO Emad Mostaque denied this).

Then, earlier this month, Forbes unleashed a piece ripping into Mostaque for his reputation embellishing facts.

A few weeks later, two of his top execs — head of research and COO — departed. Ouch. 

And just yesterday, Stability managed to pull in a convertible note of $25 million at that same $4 billion valuation.

Why it matters: Mostaque is certainly a visionary, but we’re left wondering whether his tumultuous leadership could backfire. Either way, we’ll provide the latest scoop on this unfolding saga…

Around the Horn 🦄

  • How to automate boring office tasks with ChatGPT and Python.

  • 35% of the startups chosen for Y Combinator’s latest batch are AI-focused.

  • People have trouble distinguishing between GPT-generated tweets and human-generated tweets, according to a study.

  • The US is contemplating placing restrictions on exporting AI chips to China.

Treats To Try 🍿

  • Playground’s Mixed Image Editing combines real & synthetic images to produce photorealistic visuals.

  • PenParrot is an extension that brings ChatGPT to every text box in your browser.

  • LeanDojo is an open-source playground for LLMs that generate mathematical proofs.

  • Respeecher is an AI voice library for content creators.

  • Retrato is an app that turns selfies into professional photos.

  • AI Tools Website Ranking is a list of the most visited AI websites by web traffic.

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Thursday Trivia 🥇

The best AI models finally fixed their “hands looking weird” issue, making Thursday Trivia a big trickier.

One glance, everyone knows the rules: one is AI, and one is real.

Which is which?



A Cat's Commentary 😻

Trivia answer: A is real and B is AI!

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