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🐈 Would you pay for ChatGPT Pro?

PLUS: using AI to discover new drugs

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Today in AI:

  • How Much Would You Pay for ChatGPT?

  • Startup Uses Generative AI To Discover Drugs

  • ChatGPT Accelerates Everyone, Even Cybercriminals

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How Much Would You Pay for ChatGPT?

ChatGPT Pro is on the way.

ChatGPT traffic has been mounting, resulting in multiple outages that are causing workflows to stop and some students to realize they've made a big mistake.

Like watching a train wreck

This is a great moment for OpenAI to figure out which one is gonna take out their credit card for ChatGPT. Yesterday, OpenAI sent out a form floating "ChatGPT Professional", offering no blackouts/throttling and higher usage limits.

The form asks how you use ChatGPT and 4 questions that feel out what you think ChatGPT should be worth.

Our guess? Something like $40-50/month. 

In other OpenAI news:

  • The official iOS app for ChatGPT is now in beta testing

  • OpenAI considering investing in a semiconductor company started by a guy who made his own silicon chips at home. Is this a pathway towards custom OpenAI chips?

Startup Uses Generative AI To Discover Drugs

Drug startup Absci thinks they figured out a powerful combo of drug discovery capabilities.

1) Generate a ton of potential drug structures + 2) Rapidly screen/test those designs => 3) Faster drug discovery

For 1), Absci is using a generative AI model. For 2), they built lab infrastructure that can test 6 million designs a week

For 3), they announced some big results at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference yesterday:

  1. Using a generative AI model, they created 440,000 potential designs.

  2. Using their lab infrastructure, they rapidly tested and narrowed down the field to 400.

  3. Of those 400, 3 appear to have better results than a cancer drug that's already on the market.

Game-changing. Absci is now looking to expand its technique to other targets.

In context: Biology's complexity makes it a perfect target for AI. In 2018, Google subsidiary DeepMind released AlphaFold, which predicts protein structures. That was a groundbreaking moment for drug design and biotech.

ChatGPT Accelerates Everyone, Even Cybercriminals

We should keep an eye on this.

Using ChatGPT, you can create your own personal website, a Python script to clean data or a mobile app for an idea you've had recently.

You can also use it to create Dark Web marketplaces, draft phishing emails and generate file stealer scripts.

Security research firm Check Point published a post last week documenting how non-technical cybercriminals are getting their first taste of code through ChatGPT.

Check Point verified the functionality of the published code. However, it noted that these were unsophisticated ideas.

For now, we might simply see more "script kiddies" (low-level hobbyists who blindly copy/paste code but don't know how it works) at play.

Still, it's a good reminder of the wide range of people experimenting with AI tools. 

Around the Horn

Leo Sends His Regards

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