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Welcome, humans.

OpenAI has been going pedal to the metal for months now, and there's no sign of them stopping. Yesterday was the beginning of a new era.

Here’s what’s going on in the world of AI today:

  • ChatGPT changes the game again 🔥

  • Someone builds a Black Mirror episode 😧

  • AI matchmaking is big business 💑

  • Automated business growth using AI 👔

ChatGPT Goes 100x Bigger 💯

This is the most important launch since ChatGPT itself: Plugins.

With Plugins, ChatGPT can browse the web via Bing, work with your documents and access services like Instacart, OpenTable and Kayak.

That's right: you can now buy cat treats and book dog hotels from ChatGPT.

The future is here: a single chatbox to access any service/software in the world from ChatGPT. Already, you can use Zapier from ChatGPT, which connects to 5,000+ apps, to do things like send emails from ChatGPT.

This is big. Like big big. We're going to see people spending 90% of their days in ChatGPT, especially as people collectively figure out more ways to use these plugins.

Battle of the Chatboxes begins. When we all start using a single chatbox to do everything we want, you can bet Big Tech will fight hard to become your go-to:

  • Microsoft has Business Chat in Office 365 and ChatGPT via OpenAI

  • Google will bolt on a chatbox to Google Chrome, integrating search, Travel, Finance, Maps, Gmail, YouTube and more from one place.

  • Apple will put a connected chatbox in your iPhone and Macbook.

We're about to see an epic clash of the Big Tech titans.


This startup writes your interview notes for you ✍️

“If I’m looking this way, I’m just taking notes. Don’t mind me.”

It’s a tale as old as time: Interview candidates, spend half your attention typing notes, forget what they really said.

What if we told you that there’s an AI that takes notes while you interview someone? And when the interview ends, you receive a thorough summary of the entire convo?

That’s Metaview.

It takes notes so you can be present and have the conversation you want to have. No more typing when you should be listening.

Plus, it learns what you like: the more you use it, the more personalized it becomes to your specific style and needs.

It’s a huge time saver and helps you focus on the human on the other side of the call.

Metaview is live on Product Hunt today - go check it out and let the team know what you think!

Would You Bring Back The Dead Via AI? ⬛🪞

Helpful or hurtful?

Twitter user @BEASTMODE built a chatbot that preserves his late father's voice and personality.

In the demo, he sends the bot a message: "Tell me about your day". The bot returns a voice message simulating his father's voice: "...I just wrapped up shooting a new reality TV show pilot. It's always exciting to start something new..."

It's pitched as an emotional support tool, but the reactions are mixed.

On one hand, tech enthusiasts love the concept and are excited that recent AI advancements enable this.

Others hate it:

  • "This is gross."

  • "When horror movies just aren't enough, there's this."

  • "BUT … it is NOT your Dad. Sorry!!"

Our take: This wave of AI enables humans to have perfect memory. Everything on the Internet, every book ever written - all of it crammed into an AI.

But imperfect memory is part of being human. While "perfect memory" makes sense for business, immortalizing everything feels like Black Mirror.

Around the Horn 🦄

  • How Keeper is using AI to matchmake couples (and making 5-6 digits each time)

  • Runway hosted the first AI Film Festival. Watch the 10 finalists here.

  • Donald Trump shared an AI-generated image of himself, so you know how crazy this next election news cycle is going to be.

Treats To Try 🍿

  • Outset.ai: Customer interviews, led by AI

  • OpenAxis: Find, analyze and visualize curated data using AI

  • Consensus: Ask a scientific research question, let GPT-4 answer

  • LoopGenius: Business owners can use AI to run automated marketing strategies

  • Repurpose.io: Repurpose your videos into other content formats

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Poll answer from two days ago: 68% of you believe Google will be "lagging" in the AI race. We agree - they're falling behind, unless they have some huge tricks up their sleeves.

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