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Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • ChatGPT’s desktop app for Mac is now available to everyone.

  • OpenAI is postponing the launch of Voice Mode and the screen-sharing feature.

  • Anthropic introduced a feature allowing you to share chats with your team.

  • Google is developing a set of chatbots, each with a unique personality.

OpenAI is shipping, but not fast enough if you ask some.

In the AI world, it’s common for companies to announce exciting new products 3-6 months before they actually hit the market (looking at you, Google).

Most people don’t mind…or even notice—AI is already progressing quickly enough in their minds.

There’s another group of folks, mostly early adopters and enthusiasts, who say, “Hey, we’re actually really annoyed that you’re taking so long to release what you promised.”

Yesterday, OpenAI announced it’s delaying the much-awaited ChatGPT-4o features, which include a real-time voice assistant and screen-sharing capabilities where ChatGPT can see your screen while you work.

Safe to say, the comments section quickly became a roast fest:

  • “SSI. Shipping Someday Inthefuture” (link).

  • “LOL ‘few weeks’ turned into 4-6 months. Typical OpenAI” (link).

  • “Nice! I’ll be renewing my Plus subscription in late Fall it sounds like” (link).

With these features delayed, more ChatGPT+ users are questioning whether the subscription is still worth it—they expected these new features in a few weeks, not months.

This is especially since ChatGPT-4o isn’t the clear #1 anymore——Claude 3.5 Sonnet officially passed ChatGPT-4o in coding yesterday, and we think it’s a slightly stronger writer, too. (Both of these chatbots are free, FYI).

OpenAI did release one thing: its ChatGPT Mac app for all users.

This means you don’t need to go to chatgpt.com to access ChatGPT, just click on the app or use Option + Space to open ChatGPT anytime on your screen.

We found the app slightly slower than the browser, but it’s useful for quickly sharing images or screenshots with ChatGPT.


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Around the Horn.

  • Anthropic announced “Projects,” allowing Pro and Team customers to organize and share all their chats in one place—also includes Custom Instructions (rules Claude will remember to follow).

  • The most common misuse of AI technology is political deepfakes, according to a DeepMind study.

  • Google is finally launching a Gemini side panel to help you write and summarize emails in Gmail.

  • Google is creating personality-focused chatbots (some based on celebrities) for people to chat with, similar to Meta’s chatbots or Character.ai.

Treats To Try.

  1. Etched is building specialized computer chips for transformer models (the “T” in ChatGPT) and raised $120M to do it.

  2. Findr lets you search for information and documents across all your apps—Gmail, Slack, Notion, and more.

  3. Rebind is an e-reading tool that lets you “experience book club-style conversations” with an AI while you read a book.

  4. Smashing is a new tool from the founder of Goodreads that curates the best content on the internet using AI.

  5. Created by Humans helps creators license their creative work to companies training AI models (raised $5M).

A Cat's Commentary.

Where do you #Neuron?!

Eli (from Lexington, MA): 15 hour stop over in Zurich on my way back home from Tel-Aviv to Boston.

Liza (from Brazil): Getting my daily AI news while my girls are having their swimming class.

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