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PLUS: Meta wants to be Apple

Welcome, humans.

Cats are just like GPT-4: always by our side, never talk back, and need to recharge every three hours. 😸 

Here’s what’s going on in the world of AI today:

  • ChatGPT launches its mobile app for iOS!

  • Meta is developing custom silicon AI chips.

  • NYC public schools lifted their ChatGPT ban.

  • Google’s MedPaLM was preferred over real doctors in a study.

OpenAI releases ChatGPT iOS App for US Users📱 

ChatGPT is finally a mobile app!

OpenAI made the big announcement yesterday, launching ChatGPT for U.S. users. A worldwide rollout is happening over the coming weeks. (Get it here.)

Rest assured, it’s the same chatbot we know and love: ask questions, receive lengthy answers. But the app comes with a few impressive features.

Our favorite is speech-to-text input powered by OpenAI’s speech recognition model Whisper. This lets you dictate questions without requiring you to scream pronunciations the way you might with Siri and Alexa!

It also includes neat features like syncing your history across devices, search message history, and continuing to generate outputs when you check TikTok.

Now, the not-so-great:

  • The new design is meh — instead of the blinking cursor, it’s a black circle.

  • No plugin access, but you are able to resume an old chat from your desktop that included plugins.

The launch is huge for a few reasons:

First, dozens of fake ChatGPT apps, which have raked in millions and fooled many into sharing private data, were hopefully just rendered useless.

And second, the capabilities of ChatGPT and its voice input pose a serious threat to existing mobile assistants like Siri and Google Assistant!


Make Meditation Easy, Not Boring With AI 🧘

Everyone knows meditation is fantastic for you: it reduces stress, improves sleep, and bolsters relationships.

Plus, it’s what all the tech CEOs do in the morning.

So what if we told you meditation could change your life and be made easy with 1:1 coaching powered by AI? Would you do it? Promise?

Here’s your chance: Meet Ogimi, your personal AI meditation coach that generates custom meditation sessions according to your unique needs, preferred techniques, skill level, and music preferences.

They ensure your meditation is effective, and also make it fun with leaderboards and challenges to keep you on track. It’s like meditation meets Duolingo.

As a special offer, Ogimi is giving Neuron readers 50% off 3-months of personalized meditation sessions with code: THENEURON.

Meta Is Building Its Own AI Chips 📀 

Meta announced that it’s building its own custom silicon AI chips.

Zuck’s new chips are designed to handle AI models at scale, which require massive computing power. This is unlike general-purpose GPUs which are, well, for general purposes.

  • Meta is also investing heavily into a next-gen data center that can store and process data for AI tasks.

  • And to top it all off, they’re developing a supercomputer loaded with 16,000 GPUs (!) built to train large AI models.

Big Tech’s favorite snack: Meta joins Google, Microsoft and Amazon in the custom chip game - in part, because they don’t want to completely rely on Nvidia.

Speaking of, we wonder how Meta’s chips compare to Nvidia’s, the only big tech company that has outpaced them in the stock market this year (+103% vs. +99%)!

Around the Horn 🦄

  • Code completion is getting crowded: Meta is planning a product called CodeCompose to compete with GitHub Copilot and Google Codey.

  • Figure’s humanoid robot, which we covered first here, took its first steps yesterday.

  • Debt collectors are using AI chatbots and voices to bombard borrowers for money.

  • New York City public schools lifted its ChatGPT ban and will now encourage AI learning in the classroom.

  • Apple has banned the use of ChatGPT for some employees at work as it seeks to develop competitors.

  • Google’s medical AI MedPaLM 2 scored 86.5% on a medical exam (the typical human passing score is around 60%).

Treats To Try 🍿

  • Featured: Interested in learning more about AI? Check out Decrypt U’s latest course, “Getting Started with AI.” It covers everything from the history of AI to ChatGPT, and ChainGPT.

  • Repurpose video and audio content into other formats with Exemplary.

  • Langdock helps you create, test, deploy, and monitor your LLM plugins.

  • Seodity is an AI content generator built by real SEO data.

  • Numerous is an AI Excel/Sheets plugin that generates formulas from text (check out our review of it here)!

  • Vimcal unveils their AI scheduling assistant.

  • Perplexity releases a “search copilot” that helps you get better search results

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Friday Find 🔏

We were feeling a little nostalgic today.

So we’ve been bumping this AI video of The Beatles’ Journey through the decades, powered by Runway Gen-2 and Google’s (new) MusicLM.

It’s not the real thing, but it still feels like the good ‘ol days :)

Here comes AI, doo-doo-doo-doo, here comes AI, and I say it's all right. 🎶 

A Cat's Commentary 😻

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