😺 Reddit rattles execs

PLUS: insane new AI design tool

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Here’s what’s going on in the world of AI today:

  • Reddit's creation makes its way to the top of Microsoft 🆙

  • The copilot for designers looks fire 🔥

  • Chat search is going to cost Google billions 💸

  • Bing Chat gets pissed off 🤬

Diagnostic complete. Good! Who's going to keep these paws in fighting condition?!

DAN, Take the Stage 🎤

You're famous, kid.

In January, a few Redditors got together to write a ChatGPT prompt that could "jailbreak" it and make it do what OpenAI doesn't want it to do.

The ChatGPT prompt from humble beginnings is now a worldwide phenomenon - people have been scouring Reddit trying to find the latest copy.

Meanwhile, OpenAI is lurking those same posts and trying to break the jailbreak. And execs at Microsoft are now doing talks about it.

This week: At Microsoft's security conference, the CTO of Microsoft Azure demo'd DAN to attendees and held it as an example of new security challenges they'd have to face in the world of generative AI.

That's how you know you've made it to the big leagues.

It's cat-and-mouse. People like breaking rules! They'll try to make every chatbot say funny, dumb or bad things, no matter if it's ChatGPT or Bard or something else. Meanwhile, pressure's on teams to find and fix these jailbreaks as fast as they pop up.

Godspeed, DAN.

Is This a Magic Trick? 🪄

Stop your scrolling. Go watch this video and come back.

Isn't that insane?

This is Genius, from "generative creativity" company Diagram.

It watches what you design in Figma. Then, it thinks, and says, "Hey I think you're trying to draw a login page. Let me fill in the rest."

How did they teach it how to do this?! 🤯

Coincidence? We just talked about Galileo yesterday, which generates designs using a description you give it. Genius takes a slightly different approach, similar to GitHub's Copilot, which autocompletes code for programmers.

What else? Diagram also makes Magician, a Figma plugin that generates icons, images and copy right into your Figma design.

Quiz Break 🎬

Which iconic animated duo is also a pair of large language models?

A/ Tom & Jerry (from Tom & Jerry)

B/ Itchy & Scratchy (from The Simpsons)

C/ Stewie & Brian (from Family Guy)

D/ Bert & Ernie (from Sesame Street)

Around the Horn 🦄

Artificial OR Intelligent? You Tell Us 🗣

  • Booom: Multiplayer AI trivia battle

  • Dystr: Generative AI for engineering analysis. Think of it as MATLAB, reinvented.

  • Fixie: A platform that lets you build ChatGPTs that can plug into other apps.

  • Vowel releases its AI assistant for meetings: notes, summaries, action items/tasks.

  • Tired of 2D image generators? Try one that can generate in 3D: Latent Labs.

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Leo Sends His Regards

Trivia Answer:

That'll be D. Bert and Ernie

BERT is a Google model that powers some of their search engine. Ernie is a model by "Chinese Google" Baidu, which is now creating a chatbot on top. And yes, the naming was deliberate.

That's all we have for today. See you cool cats on Twitter if you're there: @nonmayorpete.

Disclaimer: we did not use AI to write today’s piece.

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