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PLUS: Tesla's humanoid robot just got way smarter

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TikTok wants to know how often we think about the Roman Empire. Considering cats were the OG pest controllers back then, we think about it just about every day.

Why do you ask anyways, TikTok?

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • ChatGPT can now process images and speak.

  • Spotify's AI lets podcasters translate their content while keeping their voices.

  • Getty Images launched its own AI image generator.

  • Amazon is investing up to $4 billion into Anthropic.

New Features Let ChatGPT “See” and “Talk”.

ChatGPT launched two groundbreaking features yesterday.*

1. ChatGPT can “understand” uploaded images — be it screenshots, photos, documents, & more. Very helpful for moments when you've seen something but don’t understand it.

There’s practical things like fixing a broken bike (demo) or finding Waldo, but it’s the work applications excite us the most:

  • Interpreting complex graphs or data visualizations.

  • Getting feedback on designs or UX.

  • Categorizing pictures of receipts and expenses.

2. ChatGPT can “talk”. Instead of merely answering in text, ChatGPT can now speak through five distinct voices trained by professional voice actors.

This is mostly convenient for times you’d rather “hear” than “read”, like when fast-walking on a treadmill. But what we’re going to see soon smarter voice assistants integrated into your work routine (bye-bye Siri).

Why it matters: Multimodal AI is finally here, and we’re not surprised ‘cause it's precisely what OpenAI hinted at back in March.

But with greater power comes greater responsibility a la OpenAI. Expect ChatGPT to not just do more but also say “no” more often to curb misuse when it comes to these new features.

*both features will roll out to Plus & Enterprise users over the next two weeks (enable via Settings → New Features).


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Spotify Pilots Translated Podcasts.

Spotify is giving podcasters the ability to speak other languages like a native. The translation builds off the tech powering ChatGPT’s new voicebox.

It’s a huge boost to their audience.

How huge? Huge enough that the world’s largest YouTuber Mr. Beast famously spends millions hiring celebrities to dub his videos into other languages.

Why it matters: Going international is a total pipe dream for every content creator that’s not Mr. Beast. Your best strategy is to speak English and hope for the best.

Now, AI can do it faster and cheaper, letting you meet new audiences where they are. Pitbull’s turning in his Miami mansion: who’s the real Mr. Worldwide now?

Heck, it’s also better than what Mr. Beast does, because it still sounds like you!

Try it yourself: ElevenLabs and Play.ht both can clone your voice and make it talk back in dozens of languages. HeyGen does a video version.

Around the Horn.

  • Amazon will invest $1.25 billion into Anthropic, with plans to invest up to $4 billion.

  • Getty Images announced a “commercially safe” AI image generator that’s trained on library of ~500 million assets.

  • Snap is testing ads in your chats via its “My AI” chatbot.

  • ChatGPT-5/6 will be more reliable and personalized, but not quite AGI, per Sam Altman.

  • Join us at SXSW Sydney Oct 15-22. Pete’s on a panel talking AI and journalism!

Treat To Try.

You can’t try this treat (yet), but it’s way too cool to ignore.

Tesla’s AI “Optimus” robot can now self-calibrate its arms and legs, which means it can do things like yoga and sorting objects.

In layman's terms, it's like a toddler but one step closer to handling your dirty dishes.

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

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