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Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • We ranked the 12 best chatbots for work!

  • Curio is a startup putting AI inside stuffed animals.

  • OpenAI published new research on superalignment (i.e. making sure AI doesn’t kill us).

  • Albania is using ChatGPT to enter the EU quicker.

The Neuron’s 2023 Chatbot Power Rankings.

2023 was the year of the chatbot.

Well, chatbot(s). The market has been flooded with AI tools this year, with each claiming to be superior to the next.

We’ve tried all of them. Over and over. We know who’s truly delivering.

Here’s our power rankings of the best chatbots for (non-technical) work:

1: ChatGPT-4Unquestionably the smartest, with the strongest writing, coding, and reasoning abilities.

T1: Gemini Ultra—In theory as powerful as GPT-4. We won’t know for sure until it’s released in 2024.

2: Claude 2Top choice for managing lengthy PDFs (handles ~75,000 words), and rarely hallucinates. Can be somewhat stiff.

3: PerplexityIdeal for real-time information. Upgrading to Pro grants access to both Claude-2 and GPT-4.

T4: PiThe most “human-like” chatbot, though integrating with business data can be challenging.

T4: Bing ChatDelivers GPT-4-esque responses, has internet access, and can generate images. Bad UX and doesn’t support PDFs.

T4: BardNow powered by Gemini Pro, offers internet access and answer verification. Tends to hallucinate more frequently.

7T: (The following chatbots vary based on use case; open-source models can be trickier to utilize)

  • ChatGPT-3.5Reliable, free, suitable for everyday use. Prone to frequent hallucinations. 

  • GrokPersonable and can access tweets. Can’t upload PDFs.

  • Mistral 7BTop open-source model and can run locally.

  • Llama 2Versatile open-source option for 7B, 13B, & 70B parameters.


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Stuffed animals are coming to life.

Meet Curio, an AI startup making our Toy Story dreams come true.

They just launched a line of plush toys that have ChatGPT inside of them. Imagine a stuffed animal that doesn’t just echo prerecorded lines like, “Elmo wants to play,” but can say literally anything you prompt it to say.

Like, telling your kids a bedtime story, teaching them about dinosaurs, or convincing them to chow down that delicious steamed broccoli.

First up is “Grok”, featuring the voice of Grimes (yes, the musician and Elon's ex).

Parents get full control of the toys via an app. Sure, it’s a bit Black Mirror, but hey, it beats throwing your kids in front of an iPad for hours to keep ‘em busy…

Around the Horn.

  • OpenAI is rolling out $10M in grants for AI research and published new superalignment research.

  • Someone leaked that GPT-4.5 would be released soon, but the post has since been removed and discredited.

  • Spotify is testing an AI-powered playlist creation feature.

  • Albania is partnering with OpenAI to fast-track its EU membership by translating legal docs into Albanian.

Intelligent Insights.

  1. Generative AI Next Waves & What It Means For Investors (link).

  2. Using A.I. to Talk to the Dead (link).

  3. Andrej Karpathy on the “hallucination problem” in LLMs (link).

  4. Role-playing with AI will be a powerful tool for writers and educators (link).

  5. Mathematical discoveries from program search with large language models (link).

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