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You know that moment when you're impatiently waiting for an elevator and someone strolls up to give that button an extra push? As if you didn’t already press it? It’s kinda like refreshing the page when ChatGPT claims it's "at capacity." Spoiler alert: It doesn't speed things up, pal.

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • Influencers are launching chatbot versions of themselves.

  • Meta’s personality chatbots (like Mr. Beast) are live on Instagram.

  • Reddit could cut completely search engine crawlers.

  • Andrew Ng is teaching a fresh course on AI!

Celebrities Are Launching Chatbot Clones Of Themselves.

Ahhh, nothing like getting life advice from modern business gurus. Tim Ferriss. Scott Galloway. Andrew Tate.

Traditionally, this meant listening to podcasts and reading books. But imagine a digital clone of your idol that dishes out life/business advice 24/7.

It’s here.

Tim Ferriss and Scott Galloway trained AI chatbots on all of their podcasts and blogs, and we expect many influencers to jump on this bandwagon.

Ask Tim/Scott a question→ get an answer based on similar things they’ve said in the past.

Here’s our take: these chatbot types are useful for finding what [insert influencer] said about [insert topic], but not much more. Don’t expect personalized advice from Tim Ferriss on your startup, only the generalized wisdom he's doled out before.

TBD if these will take off.

In a similar vein, Meta is rolling out its celeb-inspired chatbots on Instagram (i.e., chat with a Mr. Beast lookalike).

For these, entertainment > utility.

Also, TBD if these take off (we think they’re so-so), but if they do, all credit goes to GenZ — those youngsters are already enamored with Character AI’s companion chatbots.

On a side note, what’s even crazier is that these chatbots could soon morph into full-fledged videos featuring celebrities “talking” via voice dubbing and lip-syncing.


Protect Your Company’s AI Applications With One Line Of Code.

If your company is building AI applications.

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  • data loss.

  • harmful content.

  • Other LLM risks.

Then you need Lakera Guard.

It’s a single line of code, accessible through Lakera’s API, that delivers enterprise-grade security for your LLM applications.

Lakera's database is chock-full of tens of millions of attack data points and is growing by 100k+ entries daily.

Reddit: We Can Survive Without [Google] Search.

What do you do when you’re an AI and you’ve eaten up the entire internet?

You go hunting for data.

In the hunt for content that sounds genuinely human, Google and OpenAI are eyeing social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, salivating over their boundless comment sections.

But Twitter and Reddit are no fools; they recognize the goldmine of proprietary data they're sitting on. Their message to AI companies?

"Access ain't free, buddy."

Elon slapped a $42K price tag on Xs tweets and Reddit will start to charge for data access.

And if these companies don’t pay up, Reddit might actually pull the plug on search engine crawlers completely. Translation: As in, Reddit would no longer show up for Google search results like “r/BikiniBottom”.

Why it matters: This is by far the boldest move we’ve seen from a publisher willing to yank their content from Google's gaping AI maw. Also the first company to outright suggest: “Actually, we don’t need Google for visibility”.

We're skeptical that many other platforms have the audience reach and clout to sever ties with Google entirely, especially digital news outlets that rely on SEO.

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  • Thanks to AI, the future of programming may involve YELLING IN ALL CAPS.

  • Restrictions on AI chips exports to China could hinder the development of Chinese AI models.

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Wordle and NYT Mini fans: this one’s for you.

Lil Snack is a set of daily mini-games, some of them involving AI, like the one above: guess what the prompt was to generate that image!

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