😺 Brutal AI regulations

PLUS: OpenAI wants to be 'open'

Sam Altman is heading to Capitol Hill. Let’s see if he also sips water like a robot. 🤖

Here’s what’s going on in the world of AI today:

  • The EU AI Acts proposes banning API access in Europe.

  • OpenAI will reportedly release an open-source model.

  • Amazon might add chat to its search experience.

  • The 3 most-used AI tools for The Neuron readers are ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Jasper.

The EU AI Act Adds Extensive AI Regulations 🇪🇺

The European Union just dropped a 144-page amendment to its AI Act that aims to tighten restrictions on American AI companies.

We spent our Monday night dissecting it to find y’all the goodies (or baddies, in this case).

The big update would ban anyone from making AI models accessible in Europe unless they pass through “licensing” (read: expensive red tape).

The amendment applies to everyone, whether closed-source or open-source, GitHub dev or OpenAI, cat or dog. There's no room for "whoops, I didn't know," with potential fines up to $21.8 million or 4% of revenue.

The bill would also require all “high-risk” AI projects to disclose info like data sources, functionality, and red teaming. The Neuron is low risk FYI.

While intended to counter potential AI harm, the bill has the AI community worried.

For #1, reduced access to AI technology like GPT-4 could hinder innovation across Europe.

And #2, more importantly, if a community project inadvertently becomes available in Europe, the developers could suddenly be held liable for releasing an unlicensed model. Ummmm, what?!

Why it matters: If the bill were to pass (which isn’t a given, yet), it could set an imposing regulatory standard for everyone else. On the other hand, US policymakers are still learning what AI stands for…


Religion or physics - which will YOU find?

How do you go from gerrymandering to god? Bananas to nuclear bonds?

It’s thanks to “IL”, short for “Infinite Learning,” one of the latest innovations made possible by AI.

That’s what our friends over at Learn.xyz just added to their AI-powered learning app.

Every time you take a lesson, AI suggests three possible topics to go deeper on. And depending on your belief system, if you do this often enough, you’ll either turn religious or understand how atoms mingle.

“Infinite Learning”: Try it out yourself and skip right past their waitlist with our secret link.

PS: Learn is also hiring in their SF office!

OpenAI To Launch Its First Open-Source Language Model 🤯

OpenAI wants to live up to its name.

The company is gearing up to release its first open-source language model, according to The Information’s ($449 paywalled) report.

While they’re not releasing the secret sauce (the model will be less powerful than GPT-4), it still marks a shift from the company’s closed approach…

…and the AI community ragging on them for being so closed off despite their name.

The motive: OpenAI wants in on the recent rapid gains we’ve witnessed from open-source LLMs.

  • Meta is already capturing value from the projects developers have built using its leaked LLaMA model.

  • Its latest endeavor, ImageBind, combines six different types of data to produce multimodal outputs (most models just support text)!

OpenAI also wants to protect its baby (GPT-4) from rivals after its first-born DALL-E was overthrown by open-source competitor Stable Diffusion.

Why it matters: OpenAI’s models are so far the best, so open-sourcing one could prompt incredible innovation. Its launch timeline is a mystery for now…

Around the Horn 🦄

  • Amazon is planning to add a conversational search experience to its online store.

  • Poe, the AI chatbot platform built by Quora’s CEO, released its API to developers.

  • Samsung and Naver are working together on a corporate generative AI platform to rival ChatGPT.

  • Cloudflare launched a suite of security controls to help businesses protect their data when using generative AI.

  • Former Google CEO thinks that AI regulations should be established by technology companies rather than policy makers.

Treats To Try 🍿

  • Featured: Interested in learning more about AI? Check out Decrypt U’s latest course, “Getting Started with AI.” It covers everything from the history of AI to ChatGPT, and ChainGPT.

  • Parthean is an app that answers all of your personal finance questions.

  • smol developer is a prototype version of a junior developer AI agent.

  • Create engaging social media carousels in seconds with aiCarousels.

  • Build ChatGPT plugins with Supabase Edge Runtime.

  • Byword.ai writes programmatic SEO content at scale.

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