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  • 😺 BREAKING: Code Interpreter released!

😺 BREAKING: Code Interpreter released!

PLUS: The most amazing thing you can do in ChatGPT yet!

Welcome, humans.

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Here’s what’s going on in the world of AI today:

  • Code Interpreter is rolling out to all ChatGPT Plus users!

  • GPT-4’s API is now publicly available.

  • Context windows remember the beginning and ends of long prompts best.

  • Check out the three data analyses we ran on The Neuron audience!

Code Interpreter Is Rolling Out To ALL ChatGPT Plus Users 🛒

Ethan Mollick

ChatGPT’s Code Interpreter is becoming officially available out to all Plus users this week.

Hold onto your hat, folks - it runs code on files you upload, which means it can analyze data, construct charts, & edit files in seconds!

This capabilities include…

  • generating any type of chart.

  • descriptive analyses (mean, median, etc).

  • cleaning data.

…so basically any data analysis use case (see more examples here).

Here’s how we used it to analyze the survey 1,250 of you kindly submitted in April!

Shoutout to our international peeps! Next I wanted to gauge if my GenZ humor actually resonates with all of you…

We’re like a Thanksgiving dinner table! Next we told it to standardize occupations and exclude “Other”:

Literally mind-blowing - this would normally take a data intern hours or days to complete. We just did it in minutes.

Why it matters: The code interpreter effectively turns anyone into a data analyst and it does it with highly advanced statistical common sense. The possibilities are endless - stay tuned for more use cases next week!

P.S. The API for GPT-4 (along with GPT-3.5, Turbo, DALL-E, & Whisper) is now publicly available to all paying customers!


Crush Your Next Presentation Deck

Hands up if you’ve sat through dreary PowerPoint presentations at work. 🙋

Most AI presentation tools are quick but produce boring results. We found one that ticks all the boxes.

Journey is PowerPoint meets Figma meets ChatGPT. Here’s how it works:

  1. Import all your assets: logo, designs, & copywriting.

  2. Journey’s crafts the most stunning presentations using sleek design tools & AI.

They’ve quietly delivered results: 500+ founders raised over $10 million, and hundreds of sales teams have closed deals.

Use Journey if you’re in the business of selling and want a competitive edge. Sign up for free today.

Important Research On Context Windows EXPLAINED 🪟

A context window is how big of a conversation an AI model can handle. The larger the window, the more info you can give it / the longer you can ask it to write for you.

Recently, context windows have gotten larger — Anthropic’s Claude already claims to support 75k words (= to a Harry Potter book)!

But new research unveiled some BIG limitations of these large contexts:

Researchers tasked ChatGPT-3.5 with getting answers from documents and noticed a huge performance dip when…

  • GPT tried to access info in the middle of the context input (same was true with code).

  • the context window was expanded.

Why it matters: Language models still need to up their game in reasoning over long documents. Here are a few prompting tips to make sure your context doesn’t fall through the cracks:

  1. Place important info at the beginning or end.

  2. Keep context as concise as possible.

  3. Break down complex tasks into multiple prompts.

Around the Horn 🦄

  • Two authors are suing OpenAI for training ChatGPT on their novels without permission.

  • DigitalOcean acquired Paperspace, an AI infrastructure and tooling startup, for $111 million.

  • Samsung, the largest producer of memory chips (which can help build faster AI) forecasts a 96% dip in operating profit for Q2.

  • Stanford developed a clever way for AI agents to learn better by focusing on changing environments.

  • We’re co-hosting a panel on The AI-Powered Team on July 13th - how roles and team dynamics change, what jobs will be created.

Treats To Try 🍿

  • Describe your dream Spotify/Apple Music playlist and create it with Playlist.

  • Create virtual spokespeople for your brand with VEED AI Avatars.

  • Whimsical generates flowcharts from text prompts.

  • Plugin Surf helps you sort through the hundreds of ChatGPT plugins.

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

Friday Faculty 🤝

AI is the future AND the now. Join the rocket ship:

  1. Founder Associate @ Spoke AI (Berlin).

  2. Senior Platform Engineer @ Paperspace.

  3. Media Relations, Partner Communications @ OpenAI (SF).

  4. Product Marketer @ HuggingFace.

  5. Software Engineer (Windows) @ Rewind.

If your AI startup is hiring, DM us a link, and we’ll throw you on this next week!

A Cat's Commentary 😻

We’ve been receiving SO many cat-worthy comments! Love y’all. 🧡

That's all we have for today. Get started using AI with our free Intro To ChatGPT mini-course!

Have a great weekend! See you cool cats on Twitter if you're there: @nonmayorpete & @noahedelman02.

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