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Our friend had a quote from an agency to do some automation work for $25K and 3 months of time. We did it with ChatGPT and 4-5 hours of weekend coffee shop time.

The power of AI, ladies and gents.

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • Bing’s new “Deep Search” uses AI to predict what you’re looking for.

  • Meta’s AI glasses introduce serious privacy questions.

  • An AI chatbot that helps you access paid family leave.

  • Even more boatloads of cash invested in AI startups.

The future of online search is getting clearer.

Here’s a slice of my (Pete’s) search history from October (I’m traveling abroad for the holidays):

  • chase foreign transaction fee

  • debit cards with no foreign transaction fee

  • schwab debit card signup

All I wanted was to not pay stupid money at the ATM every time. To do that, I had to: cast a keyword spell, hope I chose the right words, then read a bunch of pages to see if I did.

Which is crazy, in hindsight. But Bing’s new announcement from yesterday might help.

It’s called Deep Search, which uses AI to guess and surface what you really want to find.

A search for “how do points systems work in japan” might mean credit cards, hotel loyalty, immigration systems or more. So it asks you to clarify.

Even if you mean credit cards, you might want the “best”, “how to register”, “full list of”, “X vs. Y” or other variations. So it does all of them for you.

FYI: Deep Search is still “coming soon.”

It’s similar to Perplexity’s Copilot (paid; $20/month) that comes back to you with clarifying questions before showing you the result.

The future of search is an AI that “gets it” and does the work before you realize you have to. The only question is: when will Google follow suit?


When 41% Of Your Work Day Is Lost To Admin, Use This:

Paying attention?

We’re all too familiar with the headache of monotonous work tasks. Excel. Salesforce. Yawn!

The story is too familiar for sales folks: reviewing customer calls, writing follow-ups, battling with CRMs…a whopping 41% of your day swallowed by non-selling tasks!

At The Neuron, we’ve already automated parts of our sales funnel.

Attention is set to automate the rest. This AI wizard can:

  1. Log crucial data in your CRM.

  2. Write follow-up emails.

  3. Track guidance.

Plus, they feed insights that have pulled in an extra $250k in ARR per rep.

Meta’s AI Smart Glasses have insane privacy implications.

The launch of Meta’s AI-powered Ray-Ban smart glasses is an “oh sh*t” moment, but let’s not forget we’ve been here before. 

So it’s 2013. 

Google Glass, a pair of clunky smart glasses, hits the market. Fast forward two years … and Google halts production. 

Now, a decade later, Meta is betting that generative AI is the game-changer that makes smart glasses truly a thing. Their new smart glasses come with:

  • Cameras with 150+ frame/lens combos. 

  • An AI assistant that you can speak with. 

Oh, sh*t. 

Will these glasses create a world where everything becomes recorded?

Sure, there may be some upsides to this, like not whipping out your iPhone to capture every damn moment. 

But the privacy implications spook us — WTF happens when anyone can say, “Hey Meta, record this” without getting a thumbs-up from those around them? 

We reckon there will be a massive privacy uproar if these babies go mainstream, similar to the concerns around Google Glasses. 

Let's just cross our fingers that we don't spiral into a real-life Black Mirror scenario where one guy catches another guy cheating with his girlfriend. Yikes!

Around the Horn.

  • How ChatGPT changed Silicon Valley forever.

  • Interesting finding: people want publishers to label AI-generated content but also trust them less when they do.

  • IBM and Meta are partnering to promote open source AI.

  • AMD is chasing Nvidia, while Nvidia is watching Huawei.

  • Nonprofit leader says AI can help people access services/programs, such as paid family leave.

Wednesday Wirings.

Insanely busy week in AI fundraising!

  1. Tola Capital raised a $230M fund for AI enterprise software startups.

  2. Together AI, a cloud platform for building on open and custom AI models, raised $102.5M.

  3. Elon Musk may have raised $1B for X.ai, maker of his chatbot Grok.

  4. Replicate raises a $40M Series B for their open-source AI platform.

  5. CoreWeave (AI cloud infrastructure) shareholders sell $642M of stock at $7B valuation.

  6. EnCharge AI raises $22.6M to build AI chips.

  7. Assembly AI raises a a $50M Series C for their speech-related AI models.

  8. Pika Labs raises $55M for their AI video creation/editing models.

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

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