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PLUS: 3 hacks to eliminate hallunications

Welcome, humans.

Preaching ChatGPT to Amish people is much like pitching vegetarianism at a rodeo: expect puzzled looks and blank stares.

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • 90% of online content could be AI-generated by 2026.

  • Google is prioritizing “high-quality” online content.

  • Use yes/no questions to minimize chatbot hallucinations.

  • Prompt2Model is a new way for AI models to spin up specialized AI models.

AI Content Will Take Over, But So Will Anti-AI Content…

If you’ve skimmed a few articles today, chances are at least one of them was written by AI (not us)! In fact, up to 90% of online content could be AI-generated by 2026. RIP.

The reason: any corporate brand or person can now spin up endless posts thanks to ChatGPT.

This means two important things:

  1. It could be bad for AI. AI models are trained on internet content, but what happens when that content itself is AI? (aka model collapse)?

  2. There will be a strong demand for “anti-AI” content: insights, personality, & authority.

Google, the source of web traffic for countless businesses, even announced it will "reward original, high-quality content" amidst the sea of low-value fluff.

Here’s our advice: If you're running a business, double down on crafting a distinct brand. You need to break away from the crowd of AI-generated content. So be "anti-AI":

  • Put your name and face out there.

  • Publish authentic opinions and narratives.

  • Deliver significant value to your target market.

And hey, don’t build your company around cats—that’s our thang!


Build Any AI Application With Zero Code.

Have you ever seen an app and thought to yourself, “I had that idea years ago!”

Well, now we’re in the early days of AI. So this time, if you find yourself thinking “There should be an AI for that,” here’s how to create it:

MindStudio makes it easy to create any AI for any purpose (with zero code): predictive apps, recommendation tools, enterprise apps, AI assistants, and more.

And once you build your app, you can:

  • Share it using your unique AI link.

  • Promote it on YouAi’s app store

  • Make money by charging for your AI.

How To Get Your Chatbot To Not “Hallucinate”.

Chatbots are experts at bluffing, much like a daydreaming student caught off guard in English class.

It's not really their fault: chatbots are designed to always give an answer, whether they're sure about it or not. The problem is, if you use false info from an AI, it ends up being your fault.

Since chatbots are programmed to respond, here are some hacks to minimize errors:

  1. Break your tasks into very narrow yes/no questions, like "Did marketing expenses rise in Q3 compared to Q2?"

  2. Instruct your chatbot to clearly state, "I don't know the answer," if that's the case.

  3. Ask your chatbot to back up any data-driven insights with evidence.

And always verify the chatbot's answers, much like you'd quiz a student to make sure they actually did the assigned readings and didn't just skim SparkNotes!

Treat To Try.

Wake up nerds, new album research paper just dropped!

Prompt2Model is a way for AI to create new AI.

You prompt a language model (like ChatGPT) it uses data + other language models it creates a specialized model for specific tasks.

Here’s the code!

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

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Here are the results from last week’s poll:

This aligns with our tools take: there are wayyy too many AI tools and most professionals genuinely only need 2-3 in their daily workflow.

Another numbers poll this week, cause we’re feeling mathematical AF!

How many prompts do you typically send back-and-forth in a single conversation when using ChatGPT for a writing or coding task?

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A Cat's Commentary.

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