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PLUS: personal life use cases for ChatGPT

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Call us traditional, but we managed to hold out til this week to start the Christmas bops. AI is changing the world fast, but some things deserve the stay the same!

Meanwhile, some people were playing Mariah Carey in *October*… 🙄

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • Animate Anyone turns static images into videos.

  • How people are using ChatGPT in their personal lives.

  • Google’s big AI release is pushed back til January.

  • Australia plants a flag with AI in education.

This AI helps you make moves (literally).

Animate Anyone is a new project from Alibaba that can animate any image to move however you’d like.

While the technology is bonkers (duh), the demo video has stirred up mixed reactions.

Some say Animate Anyone would be super valuable:

  • cheaper/faster animations for movies.

  • better online shopping (think videos of every item vs. just images).

  • giving people the dance moves they think they have (but ones they can only barely pull off under the influence).

The downside? With 90% of the video showing women and AI influencers (also predominantly female) already pulling in $11K/month, it doesn’t take much imagination to see where this could go.

I mean…just check out the (justified) fury on Twitter in response to this research.

To the researchers’ credit, they haven’t released a working demo yet, probably for this exact concern.

We’re hurtling towards a world dominated by AI-generated content—AI images are now instant, AI videos are getting good, and now animations of real people.

Yeahhhh, we’re gonna need some rules about this ASAP.


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Here’s how people are using ChatGPT-4 outside the office:

Here at The Neuron, our priority is helping you use AI at work, but we know you have lives outside of work. #worklifebalance

A great Reddit thread posed the question:

What’s the hardest real life problem you have solved with GPT-4, that you actually just couldn’t do yourself?”

One big theme was rewriting emotional thoughts to be more constructive, such as:

  • Mediating conflicts by rewriting emotional accusations between ex-spouses.  

  • Reframing negative thought patterns into positive reassurance and support. 

  • Writing a letter to the principal about your kid being bullied without emotion.

We’ve personally found Pi to be the most constructive option when it comes to navigating personal issues. 

Next up: a GPT that rephrases everything said in couple’s therapy to be more constructive before the other person hears it. Divorce rates 📉📉📉

Around the Horn.

this guy works at OpenAI…

  • Google’s anticipated new AI model is being pushed back to January.

  • Google built another AI that calculated up to 2.2 million potential new materials.

  • The next wave of AI chatbots won’t need the Internet.

  • Australia released its framework for using AI in schools.

  • Amazon’s release of its chatbot Q is going a bit rockier than expected.

Treat To Try.

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