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A new Under Armour ad feat. boxer Anthony Joshua that used AI is getting pushback for allegedly reusing creative works without giving credit where credit is due.

TBH, the ad is genuinely very hype (watch here). Sidestepping the controversy, it's clear that AI ads (and the debates they spark) will go bananas once Sora hits the market.

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • Our tutorial on using Data Analyst GPT to better understand your data.

  • Copilot Pro is finally globally available.

  • A clip from WSJ’s interview with OpenAI CTO Mira Murati is going viral.

  • a16z published the 100 most popular AI tools in the world.

How to use the Data Analyst GPT.

For anyone who crunches numbers on the daily, the Data Analyst GPT in ChatGPT can summarize and offer insights on basic datasets.

P.S. anything beyond basic data should be delegated to your data intern from Cornell. Also Claude 3 isn’t great with data yet, so stick with GPT-4.

Using it is simple:

1. Upload an Excel or GSheet to the Data Analyst GPT. 

2. First, make sure it understands the data—here are some handy prompts:

"Please summarize this dataset for me. Include details like the number of rows, columns, and a brief description of each column."

"Analyze the dataset for missing values. Which columns have missing values and what percentage of their data is missing?"

"Provide a statistical summary for each numerical column, including mean, median, mode, and standard deviation."

3. From there, ask the GPT to draw high-level insights from the data. We uploaded our Readership Survey and asked for content suggestions based on your responses:

4. To create charts, use this megaprompt. (And here are 60 prompts for more advanced data analyses).

Peter Yang

Data Analyst isn’t perfect, and sometimes it makes sh*t up. 

Request that it “ensure insights are directly supported by the data” OR “reference the specific data points where [x] occurs”, and always be sure to verify any important graphs or insights by double-checking the raw data yourself.

Also worth exploring are DataGPT (basically Data Analyst with sexier dashboards and visuals) and ExcelGPT (specifically good for Excel).



Jurny is modernizing the $4.1T hospitality industry.

Six months back, we gave you a sneak peek at Jurny, an AI startup revolutionizing hospitality with some of the slickest dashboards we’ve ever seen.

They help property managers like Airbnb to Booking.com automate everything from reservations to pricing, a $1 trillion inefficiency. 

After 5x customer growth and processing $35M+ in bookings, Jurny is giving The Neuron readers a chance to invest. 

You can learn more about their vision by checking out this in-depth Q&A with Jurny’s CEO.

The 100 top AI tools in the world.


a16z published its semi-annual list of the top #50 most popular AI web and mobile apps.

TLDR: It’s ChatGPT and the field. And “the field” largely consists of an ever-rotating lineup of productivity, education, and companionship apps.


Here are a few tools many people are finding useful that we haven’t covered much:

  • Eightify—summarizes YouTube videos.

  • Gamma—helps make presentations.

  • Photoroom—AI editor for stuff like removing backgrounds.

  • Pixelcut—AI that creates product photos.

  • Phind—coding assistant and search engine.

  • Speechify—text-to-audio tool w/ celebrities voices.

The entire report is worth a read!


Around the Horn.

Intelligent Insights.

In today’s roundup: Big Tech recalibrating its expectations for how many customers will actually buy their AI products:

  • Amazon, Google Quietly Tamp Down Generative AI Expectations (link).

  • The European Parliament has just APPROVED the AI Act. What everyone should know: (link).

  • Prompt injection and jailbreaking are not the same thing (link).

  • Silicon Valley is pricing academics out of AI research (link).

  • Thread: Why LLMs might do to developers what spreadsheets did to accountants (link).

Friday Faculty.

  1. 37 roles at Figure AI (Sunnyvale, CA).

  2. Software Engineer at Cognition (NYC or SF).

  3. Email Midjourney if you want to join their team!

  4. Director of Marketing at Inflection AI (Palo Alto).

  5. Research Security Manager at Google DeepMind (NYC).

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