😺 Amazon reveals AI strategy

PLUS: New York eyes a supercomputer

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So half of Silicon Valley is microdosing?! It’s no wonder AI keeps suggesting kale salads on Instacart…

Here’s what’s going on in AI today:

  • Amazon wants to offer the top AI models in a marketplace.

  • Unity launched big AI products for game development.

  • Snowflake is partnering with Nvidia for its GPUs.

  • New York is buying a supercomputer!

Amazon VP: There Won’t Be One Model To Rule Them All 🛒

Unlike its rivals Microsoft and Google, Amazon isn’t racing to build the next ChatGPT.

Instead, it wants to compile the best “ChatGPT’s” in one convenient location. In other words, do what it’s best at: a marketplace.

According to Semafor, Amazon is already offering access to dozens of foundational models from Stability, Falcon, and Anthropic via its “SageMaker JumpStart” marketplace.

These top picks of these will be made available within Bedrock, Amazon’s enterprise AI solution. Here’s what they’re pitching to AWS’s over 100,000 clients:

  1. Pick ‘n choose from the best AI models.

  2. Optimize them using your private data and IP.

  3. Search your data, receive decision-making help, automate issues.

Bedrock is seeing interest from industries such as finance, insurance, healthcare, and life sciences, which are knee-deep in unstructured data (think text data).

Why it matters: Amazon is silently (& slowly) building the infrastructure that will enable customers to combine and build on top of the best models in innovative ways.

P.S. OpenAI is also toying with the idea of an AI model marketplace allowing developers to sell models to businesses.


Stop Endlessly Searching Your Codebase 🔎

Developers spend an average of *12 hours* a week searching for information from documentation, code, StackOverflow, and Google. That’s unacceptable.

Cody is an AI coding assistant that helps you find all the information you need to unlock your coding potential.

Cody’s code graph and LLM are trained on your entire codebase, documentation, and open-source code. It’s a pair programmer that really gets it, you know?

Ask it anything: how to fix a bug, where something is referenced in documentation, or to summarize recent changes in the code repository. Cody can even write and fix code itself.

Unity Is Building Text-To-Video-Games 🎮

Picture yourself creating new characters, objects, and realms inside your favorite video games. For us, it’s Super Mario Bros, bro.

Unity, the world’s #1 game development platform, wants to bring generative AI onto your console.

Yesterday, they announced 3 game-changing product updates:

  1. Unity Muse: it’s like text-to-3D-application inside of games (e.g., “have Mario and Luigi perform a somersault”.

  2. Unity Sentis: lets you embed any AI model into your game/application.

  3. AI marketplace: a selection of AI solutions developers can tap into to build games.

Why it matters: Generative AI not only means that more people will be able create games, but that gamers will be able to personalize existing games to their heart’s content.

Unity’s anticipates being at the heart of this revolution, and their stock agrees (up 15% on the news).

Around the Horn 🦄

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  • OpenAI is plans to launch a ChatGPT-like personal assistant for work.

  • Baidu’s Ernie new model 3.5 is improving and supporting plugins.

  • Snowflake is partnering with Nvidia to build LLMs for enterprises on its GPUs.

  • AI is saving some doctors hours a day by doing paperwork (NYT).

  • Stability AI’s chaos continues; their head of research and COO have both left the firm this month.

  • New York is planning to buy a supercomputer to run AI applications and understand the technology better.

Wednesday Wirings 💸

  1. Captions, a service to help creators streamline video production, raised a $25 million Series B.

  2. CalypsoAI, which validates AI apps before they launch, raised $23 million.

  3. WAVS AI, an AI music platform, raised $20 million.

  4. Outbound, a provider of AI agents for administrative tasks, snagged $16 million

  5. Zenarate, an AI simulation training platform for agents, raised $15 million.

  6. BentoML, which helps devs build AI products w/ pre-trained models, secured $9 million in funding.

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