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Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • Musicians sign an open letter with their AI concerns.

  • Users can now edit DALL·E 3 images.

  • Venice created an AI tool that mimics guidance from its leading artist managers.

  • Replit launched a new tool that fixes coding errors while you collaborate with your team.

Musicians send a warning to the AI industry.

If you saw Billie Eilish, Ja Rule, Stevie Wonder, and Mac DeMarco in the same room, you’d think it was a sequel to “We Are the World” from 1985.

Instead, nearly 40 years later, it’s more like, “Hey, AI folks, proceed with caution.”

200+ top artists signed a letter strongly urging AI companies to be more careful about what they create.

It’s a nuanced letter. They think AI can “advance human creativity,” but they firmly oppose anything that replaces humans or undercuts their earnings. Fair take!

Leading AI music companies like Suno AI are in the crosshairs. Suno creates surprisingly good music (complete with musical tracks, lyrics, and vocals) based on a simple prompt.

But some have found Suno’s generations to closely resemble copyrighted material, which raises suspicions that Suno is trained on unlicensed works.

Why it matters: Regardless of Suno's actual practices, we anticipate a flood of AI and music-related legal battles in 2024. And 2025. And 2026. These things take a while, as history shows with AI art.

Our take? We don’t quite get AI music, and frankly, we don’t know anyone who listens to it. The New Four Seasons, Flo Rida, and Enya for da win!

We are big believers in the idea that AI can creatively support musicians rather than replace them. For example, Venice Co-Manager is a new AI tool that mimics top artist managers and marketers from Venice to give musicians personalized career assistance.



They’re building conscious AI. Work with them on your product, too.

85% of all AI projects fail, but theirs succeed.

AE Studio likes solving really hard problems. 

And we mean really hard problems like AI alignment (making sure AI doesn’t kill us all). 

So, for your ambitious AI plans, AE Studio is your best bet.

They’ve delivered AI solutions for all sorts of clients: early-stage startups, Fortune 500, AI, blockchain, e2e product development, machine learning algorithms for BCI, and basically any tech buzzword you can think of. 

You can now edit DALL·E 3 images.


It's been a hot second since we last dived into AI image generators. Do people even use these?!

The most annoying thing about these tools is that you couldn't tweak the AI's output—you had to start from scratch and cross your fingers for a better outcome.

But as of this week, you can now edit images that DALL·E 3 spits out.

There are two easy ways to use DALL·E 3:

  1. ChatGPT+ if you pay for it (here’s a how-to).

  2. Microsoft Copilot (for free!).

Treats To Try.

  1. *Higgsfield is an AI video creation tool that turns a description and a selfie into hyper-personalized video. Built by former AI leaders at Snapchat. Get advanced access to Higgsfield’s most powerful AI video model by joining the waitlist here.

  2. SWE-agent is a new system that autonomously solves issues in GitHub repos, nearly matching Devin’s performance.

  3. Replit Teams is a new Replit product that enables devs to collaborate while AI sorts out coding mishaps.

  4. Keywords AI is a DevOps platform for building AI applications.

  5. Roe AI is a platform that helps you process unstructured data.

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Wednesday Wirings.

  1. Hailo, which builds processors to power AI, raised $120M.

  2. Luminance, an AI copilot for lawyers, snagged $40M.

  3. Skyflow, which helps keep sensitive information from leaking to LLMs, raised $30M.

  4. Modal, which offers AI skills training, secured $25M.

  5. Read AI, a summarization tool for meetings, emails, and messages, raised $21M.

  6. Yahoo acquired Artificat, the AI news app, for an undisclosed amount.

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