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Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • AI cheating services are gaining traction on TikTok.

  • Educators are using AI to reduce busy work.

  • Big Tech is on an AI talent hiring spree.

  • Salesforce launched its AI assistant for its CRM apps.

AI Is Both Helping And Hurting Education So Far.


We’re just a few weeks into the school year and schools are more concerned about AI in classrooms than iPhones. Should teachers embrace it? Ban it? Hand out detention slips for using it?

Here’s the good, the bad, and everything in between so far:

The bad news…

Cheating has never been easier. Actually, good cheating has never been easier, thanks to leaps in AI’s IQ.

To make matters worse, AI cheating services (dubbed "essay mills") are gaining immense traction on TikTok. The only ones cheering louder than students about this one is China.

The goods news…

AI can make teaching drastically more efficient AND effective.

Teachers worldwide are using AI to develop lesson plans, grade papers, and design interactive classroom activities in minutes, not days.

For any teachers or institutions training employees, we recommend you check out TPT and the AutomatED newsletter. You’ll find invaluable resources on integrating AI into education.

AI is also helping teachers teach in new ways.

  • One history professor had students simulate historical figures / events using ChatGPT.

  • Students were then tasked with fact-checking the AI simulation to test their knowledge.

Why it matters: Overall, it’s a mixed bag. One reporter who visited schools integrating AI tutors like Khanmigo into lessons found so-so results.

One thing is undeniable: with an increasing number of professions integrating AI, teaching students how to use these tools will be crucial for their future careers.


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Companies Want Engineers That Know How To Use & Build AI.

Big Tech doesn’t want more engineers, they want more AI engineers.

According to Revealera, job postings mentioning “generative AI” have soared recently. This deep dive details gives a glimpse into the specific AI skills companies like Amazon and Snap are scouting for:

  • Expertise areas: machine learning, data science, and natural language processing.

  • Technical competencies: PyTorch, TensorFlow, and ML Ops.

  • Cloud know-how: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

When it comes to actually using AI, businesses are eyeing engineers capable of:

  1. Enhancing content generation (think marketing headlines).

  2. Making products better (e.g., ticket routing).

  3. Build fresh products (like models for analyzing protein structure).

Dive deeper into the thread here!

Around the Horn.

  • Great HN thread comparing fine-tuning and prompting, and how to fine-tune Llama 2 to replace GPT-3.5/4.

  • 8 more big companies “pledged” to build safe AI products.

  • Salesforce released its AI assistant “Einstein GPT” for all CRM apps.

  • A great explainer of how generative AI actually works.

Wednesday Wiring.

With the AI gold rush underway, here’s our audacious pitch:

Hello sharks, we’re The Neuron. We’re seeking $1 billion for 1% equity stake.

In real news…

  1. Imbue, which is developing new AI models, raised $200 million.

  2. d-Matrix, a compute provider for AI systems, raised $110 million.

  3. Enfabrica, an AI chip producer, raised $125 million.

  4. Druid, a conversational AI for enterprises, raised $30 million.

  5. Google is allocating $20 million in grants for AI researchers and think tanks.

  6. Ello, an AI reading coach, raised $15 million.


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