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PLUS: Our honest review of EVI, the "empathetic AI"

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Over the weekend, we discovered from a very inside source that the entire concept of generative AI is a sham. This whole time, Big Tech has been hiring the world’s fastest typists to respond to all your AI prompts at groundbreaking speed.

*checks Twitter*

APRIL FOOLS!!! Duh—even we can type faster than ChatGPT these days…

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • OpenAI created an AI that can mimic anyone’s voice.

  • Microsoft/OpenAI might be planning a colossal $100B AI supercomputer.

  • xAI introduced an enhanced Grok model.

  • Congressional staffers are being banned from using Microsoft Copilot.

OpenAI’s new AI can say anything in your voice.

OpenAI just announced Voice Engine, an AI capable of replicating any voice in any language based on a brief audio sample.

In layman’s terms, upload a 15-second sample of Pete speaking → Generate Pete saying something new while maintaining his “vibe.”

See it in action:



The tech isn’t new (shoutout ElevenLabs and Play.ht). In fact, the same researcher who built Voice Engine had also built an earlier tool that ended up being the tech behind Play.ht.

Still, more people know OpenAI than the other two. So what does this mean in practice?

  • Translating content into other languages. HeyGen already uses Voice Engine to translate product marketing / sales videos so businesses can reach a global audience.

  • Testing hundreds of versions of marketing / audio ads featuring different voices/languages to see which performs the best prior to launch.

  • AI-generated podcasts and audio content. Perplexity already offers a podcast called “Discover Daily” that uses an AI voice from ElevenLabs to curate new summaries.

On the flip side, this technology also poses significant risks, granting bad actors the potential to misuse someone's voice—a dilemma we’re all too aware of by now.

Remember those deepfake robocalls that imitated Biden discouraging voting New Hampshire? Or the scammer who, posing as an employee's superior, swindled $25.6M?

One can only imagine the awkwardness of explaining that scenario to their employer…

For the time being, OpenAI plans to keep Voice Engine under wraps until it’s ready for widespread deployment.


Go from spray-and-pray to closing deals.


Here’s how to (NOT) make more sales:

Spam prospects with generic emails like: “Like watching paint dry? You'll love our software demo! Let’s talk!”

Here’s how to close more deals:

Trigger AI-personalized emails to prospects on Unify. Their warm outbound platform helps to:

  1. Know when target accounts are on your website and which specific prospects to target. 

  2. Send 1:1 AI-personalized emails. 

Brands like Airbyte, Spot AI, and Speechify are already using Unify to close more deals. 

We tried EVI. It was alright.

Speaking of talking AIs, we snagged early access to EVI, Hume’s new “empathetic AI” that supposedly picks up on your expressions and tones like a pal would.

Hume AI

Though EVI stands out as the most human-like AI we’ve conversed with, the experience left us wanting more.

Though it’s not as “smart” by way of fresh insights, it was pretty cool to see how it categorized the emotional tones behind our voices (nothing but “excitement” and “joy” when we’re talking AI!).

We’re convinced an AI that could actually “see” our facial expressions rather than just “listen” to them would significantly up the game.

We’re still a ways off from having voice AIs as sophisticated as Samantha from the movie Her!

Around the Horn.


  • Microsoft and OpenAI are discussing the development of a new supercomputer to power AI that could ultimately cost $100B, while Amazon expects to invest $150B in data centers in the next 15 years.

  • Cognition Labs, creator of the AI engineer “Devin”, is seeking funding at a $2B valuation, and Scale AI is in talks to raise money at a whooping $13B valuation (!).

  • ChatGPT plans to enhance its browsing experience with more links and citations.

  • An improved Grok (version 1.5) was launched and is said to outperform ChatGPT-3.5.

  • The US House of Representatives banned staffers from using Microsoft Copilot.

Treat To Try.

Matt Shumer, CEO of HyperWrite AI, is a great follow for gathering top-notch prompts.

Here are a few of his most popular hits (use for your chatbot of choice):

Monday Meme.


A Cat's Commentary.

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