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PLUS: It’s called a juice cleanse, WebMD, and a Fitbit!

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On Sunday, Sam Altman and Arianna Huffington announced that their VC firms are jointly funding a new AI health coach targeting the “staggering 129 million Americans have at least one major chronic disease.”

Don’t they realize this type of coach already exists? It’s called a juice cleanse, WebMD, and a Fitbit that passive-aggressively judges your step count. Half-joking.

In reality, there’s already a personalized AI health coach, and it’s called Whoop Coach. More on this below…

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • How Whoop Coach functions...and what’s in store with Sam and Arianna’s AI health coach.

  • OpenAI is blocking Chinese companies from using its models; Microsoft isn’t.

  • The Washington Post launched a chatbot that answers climate-related questions.

  • xAI is building its own data center for Grok 2.

An AI doctor in all of our pockets?

Ask anyone in a running group or CrossFit community, and you'll find people obsessively tracking every calorie burned and step taken.

One big breakthrough from generative AI could be using all our data to give us personalized tips on how to live healthier.

That's the idea behind Sam Altman and Arianna Huffington's new venture, Thrive AI Health. They're building an AI health coach trained on peer-reviewed science and whatever medical and biometric data you're willing to share.

It'll learn your preferences and patterns regarding sleep, food, exercise, and stress and then give you health recommendations throughout the day. "Take your meds," "Eat this," "Go touch grass," you get the idea.

Not entirely novel stuff. Apple Watch and other gadgets already perform many of these functions today.

But we do like the idea of chatting with a health coach and asking it questions like you're in a doctor's office (minus the waiting room magazines from 2015).

It turns out that this exact concept exists with Whoop Coach, which gives people (who never stop talking about their wearable) personalized advice on things like optimizing sleep and improving heart rate.

The reactions to Sam and Arianna's announcement are...all over the map. We're talking:

  • "I'm never giving up that type of data to an AI"

  • "Take my money... maybe it's better than spending outrageous amounts on healthcare"

Let us know what you think about an AI-powered health coach!

How do you feel about an AI health coach?

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Around the Horn.

  • Claude users can now publish and share Artifacts (things they build with Claude) on the Internet.

  • The Washington Post launched a chatbot called “Climate Answers” that answers questions about climate from its published articles.

  • OpenAI is blocking Chinese companies from accessing its AI models; Microsoft is not.

  • xAI will build its own data center, not partner with Oracle on one, to power the next iteration of its AI model, Grok.

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  2. Odyssey is a new AI video generator that claims to be able to create Hollywood-caliber scenery, characters, lighting, and motion.

  3. Previews from Poe lets you interact with web applications—animations, interactive presentations, data visualizations—all in chats in Poe.

  4. Captions lets people easily create and edit talking videos with AI (raised $100M).

  5. Volley lets you play video games on Amazon Alexa/Fire TV/Roku TV just by using your voice (raised $55M).

  6. Enso builds custom chatbots for businesses, like ones that engage and grow TikTok followers or generate leads from Quora (raised $6M).

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