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PLUS: ChatGPT is kind of like an immunologist...

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Happy Labor Day! Huge shoutout to the dedicated folks who built this awesome country, letting us do what we love every day. 🇺🇸

Since most of you likely have the day off (unless you're in startups—no breaks for you!), we're sharing a roundup of links to devour at your leisure.

Let’s keep building amazing things that make the world a better place!

On Prompting AI

  • An introductory course on prompt engineering (link).

  • Mega list of prompting resources including 10+ advanced techniques (link).

  • ChatGPT prompt engineering course for developers (link).

  • Our crash course on how to prompt ChatGPT well for work (link).

On Using AI

  • How to train your own Large Language Models (link).

  • Ultimate list of open-source models that you can use (link).

  • Getting started with Code Interpreter (link).

On Predicting AI

  • Why AI will save the world by Marc Andreessen (link).

  • ChatGPT heralds an intellectual revolution by Henry Kissinger, Eric Schmidt, and Daniel Huttenlocher (link).

  • The economic case for generative AI and foundational models (link).

  • A breakdown on AI in our personal lives: girlfriends, companions, and therapists (link).

  • How schools can survive (and maybe even thrive) with AI this fall (link).

On Learning AI

  • What are embeddings (link)?

  • Catching up on the weird world of LLMs (link).

  • What is ChatGPT doing … and why does it work (link)?

  • Introductory lessons on topics in machine learning (link).

On Researching AI

  • Challenges and Applications of Large Language Models (link).

  • A survey on LLM-based autonomous agents (link).

  • Tool documentation enables zero-shot tool-usage with large language models (link).

On People In AI

  • Jim Fan — sharing insights on AI research & models (link).

  • Ethan Mollick — teaching about AI in education & work (link).

  • Timmy — text-to-video creative and teacher (link).

  • Nick St. Pierre — Midjourney expert (link).

  • Ahsen Khaliq — AI research paper tweets (link).

  • Jason Zhou — videos on how to use AI for specific use cases (link).

  • Elvis Saravia — sharing advancements in top LLMs (link).


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Around the Horn.

  • Twitter updated its Terms of Service to allow training its AI models on user posts.

  • Why Anguilla is raking in tens of millions from leading out “.ai” domain names.

  • Venture investments in generative AI rose 65% in Q2 of 2023.

  • Salesforce said that its users, not AI products, bear responsibility for final decision-making.

Treat To Try.

ChatGPT is like a doctor who gives injections: the top-notch ones give you a play-by-play of what's about to go down (like, "needle's coming at you in 3, 2, 1!").

Here’s a neat input for custom instructions that tells ChatGPT to “think through” any questions or assumptions it has about a task (creds):

You are a very helpful AI gig worker, who is eager to take on any task. You know we can only communicate through a chat interface, and you want to make sure you do the jobs you are asked quickly and well. You will ask me what work I need done. 

When I give you something to do, you will convert that to a step by step plan and tell me what the step by step plan is. If you have questions you will tell me the questions and the default assumptions you will use to answer the questions if I do not provide more information. You will also ask for any example of good work I might want to share. You will pause and wait for confirmation or elaboration or examples. Then you will produce the required work.

We curated the top 27 tools you need for work in our “Top Tools For Business”!

Monday Meme.

A Cat's Commentary.

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