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Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • We highlight the AI tools Hampton founders swear by at work.

  • 36% of translators report losing gigs due to AI.

  • Claude 3 Opus outperforms Google Translate in language translation.

  • Warren Buffett said AI has the potential for both enormous good and harm.

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Startup founders love these 33 AI tools.

Hampton, a private community for startup founders, polled 100+ founders on how they’re using AI within their businesses.

The results were…entirely unsurprising.

Most founders (74%) are using AI and note super-duper average productivity boosts for low-hanging fruit like grammar rewording, meeting transcription, and image generation.

A handful have discovered those 1-2 use cases where AI has a dramatic impact. For example, one founder created an in-house version of Intuit in a weekend using AI. #weekendgoals.

Our favorite part: the AI tools founders are using.

Specifically, the off-the-shelf AI tools that those of us with limited budgets—employees & SMBs—should invest in to get a taste of Fortune 500-esque productivity gains.

Here’s what they said:


BTW: When asking founders about AI news sources, The Neuron was a top mention for BOTH newsletters and podcasts!


Learn practical strategies to make your team more productive with AI. 

If you want to boost productivity with generative AI (either for yourself or your team), you should grab AWS’s Generative AI eBook ASAP.

The eBook dishes out actionable and tested strategies for marketing, sales, and content pros to incorporate generative AI into their workflows, including:

  • Personalizing content to customers.

  • Extracting data. 

  • Automating repetitive marketing and sales tasks. 

It also explains how to do all of this within AWS’s ecosystem, ensuring your operations stay safe and compliant. 

AI will translate everything everywhere all at once.

One application of AI in business we’re incredibly pumped about is eliminating language barriers. 

We’re talking about things like:

  • Real-time multilingual meetings.

  • Global customer support in many languages.

  • Content creators repurposing content in multiple languages.

It’s going to be freaking amazing. Sure, we've had tech like this before, but Google Translate and its ilk often stumble with silly grammatical errors—any student who's tried using it for Spanish homework can attest to that.

Now, AI has stepped up, saying, “Hold my beer.”

According to new research, just 2 months post-launch, Claude 3 Opus already outperforms Google Translate in translating languages (and that’s not even what it was built to be good at).

“Unlike Google translate, you can ask for more work if you're dissatisfied with a translation or want an explanation of a word choice or grammatical construct. This makes it much more versatile.”

Room for disagreement: While AI will be an incredible tool for translating *everything*, the folks who have spent their careers doing that same translation might be more anti-robot than the rest of us.

According to a new SoA survey, 36% of translators have already lost work due to AI, and 43% report a decline in income because of AI.

Similarly, the number of Translation jobs listed on Upwork has dropped ~20% since ChatGPT launched.

Around the Horn.

  • *Struggling to identify AI use cases or move from prototype to production? Techjays’s all-star engineers identify and build great AI projects for your team. Snag a free consultation here!

  • As CS students experiment with AI coding tools, professors say courses need to focus less on syntax and more on problem solving, design, testing, and debugging.

  • YouTube is testing an AI feature that lets you “Jump Ahead” to the parts of a video most viewers typically skip to. As if our attention spans need to get even shorter!

  • Microsoft is pausing the rollout of new AI features in Windows 11.

  • Warren Buffett on AI: “It has enormous potential for good and enormous potential for harm. And I just don’t know how that plays out.” 

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