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PLUS: Pi is like our highest EQ friend :)

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A Chinese citizen named Linwei Ding was charged for attempting to send secrets from Google to a Beijing company that was paying him.

What were the not-so-guarded secrets, you might ask? Valuable stuff: there’s the least traffic if you come to the office at 11 and leave at 3, the most raidable snack room is on floor 3, and no, nobody cares that this is all you learned after years of being a Googler.

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • We share three techniques to make your prompts more effective.

  • Pi, the personal chatbot, received an upgrade!

  • Claude 3 Opus scored slightly below ChatGPT-4 on HuggingFace’s leaderboard.

  • But Claude 3 Sonnet scored way higher than ChatGPT-3.5.

How to become a better prompt engineer (yep, it still matters).

How you word your prompt to a chatbot can make or break the quality of its response. Ever heard of the butterfly effect?

A recent paper showed that even minor tweaks in ChatGPT-4 prompts can create noticeable differences (i.e. variance) in the quality of ideas produced.

For instance, prompting “You are Steve Jobs looking to generate new product ideas looking to generate new product ideas” yielded more diverse ideas than “You are Elon Musk looking to generate new product ideas looking to generate new product ideas?”

No one tell Elon this…he’ll rage tweet!

So how can you elevate your prompts to get superior results? Here are three easy adjustments courtesy of Prof. Ethan Mollick:

  1. Add context to your prompt by assigning the AI a persona (you are Steve Jobs), giving it an audience (you are writing for founders), and an output format (1-minute speech).

  2. Few shot—give examples or samples of the desired output.

  3. Chain of thought—ask the AI to go step-by-step through your instructions (outline the results  produce a draft revise the draft produce a polished output).

Another hidden gem is using AI to optimize your AI prompts. There’s a GPT called “Prompt Optimizer” that rewrites your prompts so they generate better results.


Go from spray-and-pray to closing deals. 

Here’s how to (NOT) make more sales:

Spam prospects with generic emails like: “Like watching paint dry? You'll love our software demo! Let’s talk!”

Here’s how to close more deals:

Trigger AI-personalized emails to prospects on Unify. Their warm outbound platform helps to:

  1. Know when target accounts are on your website and which specific prospects to target. 

  2. Send 1:1 AI-personalized emails. 

Brands like Airbyte, Spot AI, and Speechify are already using Unify to close more deals. 

Pi nears GPT-4 with a more human touch.

Pi is a personal chatbot. It feels like talking to a friend. A high EQ friend.

Yesterday, Inflection AI, announced that Pi is now nearly as capable as ChatGPT-4, required only 40% of the compute to build, and that >1M people are using it on the daily.

Inflection AI

We like Pi for anything requiring a personal touch—discussing situations, resolving conflicts, enhancing communication, etc—and recommend it to anyone who finds ChatGPT too robotic, stiff, or intimidating.

Although it’s seemingly limited to 4,000 characters per prompt, the fact that it costs $0 makes it a better option than the free ChatGPT (though Claude Sonnet still beats both).

Try going back-and-forth with Pi (use voice chat!), and download it for iMessage or Android.

Around the Horn.

  • Claude 3 Opus was rated slightly lower than ChatGPT-4 after 20,000 people voted on HuggingFace’s chatbot leaderboard.

  • Meanwhile, Claude Sonnet scored way above ChatGPT-3.5.

  • Midjourney is launching the newest version of its model that creates AI images at 3.5x the speed.

  • Here is a Claude 3 prompt that can help you quickly validate business ideas.

Intelligent Insights.

This op-ed from Josh Tyrangiel was the best thing we read all week:

  • Opinion: Let AI remake the whole U.S. government (oh, and save the country). (link).

  • I Went to Carl’s Jr.’s AI Drive-Thru and All I Got Was Sad (link).

  • Amazon’s new Rufus chatbot isn’t bad — but it isn’t great, either (link).

  • Adobe Finds AI Hype Is a Two-Edged Sword (link).

  • Jim Fan: People are reading way too much into Claude-3's uncanny "awareness". (link).

  • Does Offering ChatGPT a Tip Cause it to Generate Better Text? An Analysis (link).

Friday Faculty.

  1. Data Scientist at The Browser Company (owns Arc, remote).

  2. 551 AI companies with open roles ranked by success trajectory!

  3. Product Marketing Manager at Baseten (SF/NYC/remote).

  4. 60+ roles in all areas at Anthropic (SF).

  5. Marketing Intern at Haiper AI (London).

Search from over 10,000 AI roles on The Neuron’s Jobs Board.

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